Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm shown to your cage to wage this rage; don't let me go.

So! If you're a loser like me who checks everyone's blogs every five minutes to see if anyone posted, you'll know that I BLOGGED FROM SCHOOL earlier today! I figure my mom will have a heart attack if she sees that, so I thought I'd explain:
Picture my school library. It's a very nice library. I should take a picture of it some time. Anyway, Nat and I were at the computers, working on a humanties project on slavery. Iz was there as well, NOOOO I JUST DROPPED MY FORK AND IT FELL IN THE LITTLE SPACE BETWEEN THE COMPUTER AND THE WALL!!!!!
Okay. It's cool now. I have another fork. Anyway. Ringo was there too, because 'technically' she's in our group. Euch. Trust me, I did not ask for that. Anyway. I don't really have to work with her, so it's fine. ANYWAY. I finished my work super-early, since I only had two questions left, and when I showed it to Mrs. Grossi she said "Good girl," and told me to read a book or something. I mean, really. I was done with my work, had nothing to do, there was no supervision, and there were computers ALL AROUND ME. So, naturally, I go on my blog. But, since no one really updates in the middle of the day, I didn't have anything to do on it, so I just blogged. Yup.

So! Math state finals today. Woot. Unfortunately, you can't see my sarcasm over the internat. 'Tis a shame. It was brutally boring, and it took too long, but I think I did better on it than the practice quiz, which I scored about an 81 on. (haha, did i mention that one impossible test i got 100 on? WOO!) I had to leave two open-ended partially blank, though, because they were freaking impossible.

Um. Yay for Epic Movie Fest! 5 days!

Um. I'm not sure what else to talk about. Basil continues to bug the hell out of me. In LA, Kim said they were mocking her (haha Kim) except at first I thought she said they were mocking me and I was about ready to EFF THEM UP. Haha, no. But still. I was pissed. Not so much when I realized Kim was talking about herself ;)


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  1. I'm currently blogging from school right now, hahah :) Or at least commenting blogs from school. Such rebels! And oh yay for math I love math so much wooo it's the best part of my day math math math.... not :P Definitely fun. I'm sure you ended up doing well though! Cause you are a smart cookie :D