Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love The Sims 2.

Yup. I said it. I love it so much. I love creating the people, designing the houses, making their lives work out how I want them to. It could be said that the only people who play The Sims are sad, lonely people without lives of their own, and hell, I kind of agree. It's not like I play it rather than hang out with my friends though, which I have NOT been doing all weekend.
I feel the need to share the latest family I made. So, if you don't care, which you probably don't, feel free just not to read.
There's the gramma. Mirna, I think I called her. She spends most of her time in her bedroom reading (I'm glad I finally found the perfect person to go on the bottom floor of this house--why would a bedroom be on the bottom floor? Because of old people!). She used to be a famous ballerina but has since retired, for obvious reasons.
She has a single daughter, who I currently forget the name of. I like her daughter cuz she's really pretty even with her heavy eyebrows (I love making people with unusual features that still look good). She's very strait-laced and a bit proud, but those are only her iffy traits. She has a daughter, Leva, who she loves whole-heartedly.
She also has a boyfriend, Josef, who has two kids--Aden and Rebeka. They're not married yet--something that Gramma doesn't approve of--but they're planning on it. Rebeka and Leva share a room, and Aden is totally meant to be with Leva. Yes, I am one of those people who make Sims just to go with other Sims. That's the only reason Josef and No-Name aren't married, haha. I wanted their kids to have someone.
Haha. I'm gonna see how far I can go with only three families in this town.


  1. I always always wanted the Sims games... my cousin had it and I was so jealous, but our old computer was complete crap and couldn't handle it or else it would go as slow as molasses... I played it on my friend's GameCube once, but then my other friend set my character on fire and I died... It looks like such a fun game though :D

  2. Hey! the number you put in the directory didn't work and I need to talk to you! (I'm hoping you'll read this before tomorrow). Can you go tomorrow? E-mail me or call me. I am in the directory!