Thursday, May 27, 2010

Am I the one and only? Cuz you're the only one.

I like this number. 425.
Sorry for not blogging in so long! By 'so long', I mean two days, but still. It's not like much has happened. Yesterday we all drowned in our own sweat playing field hockey in 90-degree weather, and a spider crawled on my leg. At some point in the week, Basil mocked me and said he hated me, so I said I hated him right back...through Kim, of course. If he can't talk to me face-to-face, then I won't bother talking to him. Today, I ranted about oil in a content lit. and wore a skirt.
Yesterday I made up this fantastic speech from someone who just pretty much took over the government and destroyed the system. I mean, hell, he/she was elected. But then she got the army on her side and basically fired everyone in office besides her/him. I imagine this would go right after all the corrupt politicians passed a bill about unemployment, where anyone who was unemployed for any reason got some measly paycheck and they had better find a new job fast, before that paycheck runs out, because they can't get any more. So that's what she/he did to them. Fired them all and gave them the same amount of money they would give to all the people that got laid off or something. Not that they wouldn't already have money or connections, but still. I made up the speech because she/he would, of course, become a dictator. Just because of what she did. But she/he wouldn't become a dictator because she/he wanted power, but because she/he loved the country so much that to save it, she/he temporarily sacrificed what it stood for. Because she/he loved what it stood for. You know?
His expressions are freaking weird in this video, man.
Anyway. School is terrible. Freaking terrible. But next week in LA, we're beginning A Midsummer's Night Dream! Performing it, not reading it! It would be totally perfect if Kim was Hermia and I was Helena. You can't even deny that it would be. And Halden is taking requests! Yay. It would be so....coincedental, I suppose, if Basil were Demetrius.
EPIC MOVIE FEST! Can't wait!


  1. i just realized i wasn't added to your list of friends at the bottom of the blog. Geez.

    no bears!

  2. Yes you are!!! What are you talking about?!

  3. sorry that school sucks.

    coneodod. ha! cone-oh-dawd. thats epic. sounds like a coniferous tree!! or something close to that.

  4. It was like 90 degrees here too, yesterday. It was terrible running in that dealthyness :P The speech that you came up with sounds pretty awesome, I must say. I bet you're great at speeches. And yay for A Midsummer's Night Dream! I remember seeing the middle schoolers perform that when we were in elementary school, and no one knew what the heck was going on with a donkey headed guy...

  5. that is the STUPIDEST IDEA ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. a dictator who dosent want power, but instead want 'to make the world a better place'. this last line i said aloud, in a dinky baby voice. you are a total idiot.

  6. i have to say, i agree with maia.