Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maybe you and me got lost somewhere--we can't move on and we can't stay here.

I totally stole this song from Nat. I like it, but it has such a weird chorus. Actually, the lyrics in general are kind of weird.
For some reason, it makes me pretty miserable.

I haven't had a decent entry in awhile. I mean, hell, this one's not gonna be any better, since I haven't done anything AT ALL. I think I was going to do my humanities project, but alas, it didn't get done....oh well? It's due on Friday, which means I'll finish it on Thursday, but still, it's nice to pretend to make an effort before that.
This song actually made me tear up the first time I listened to it. Like, seriously, it's probably my second favorite song. I love it so much. LISTEN TO IT.
[Hey Now--Augustana]
Ummm....really, I'm kind of looking forward to school tomorrow just so I'll have something to think about.
Gladiator is such a freaking epic movie.

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  1. can you believe that Carebear is going out with A.Z. (guy) ? i can't.