Friday, May 28, 2010

Questions of the Day:

So what do I do now?
Why won't people leave me the fuck alone?
Why am I such a terrible damn person when I make other people cry, but when I cry I'm just being melodramatic?
-I mean, hell, it's not like I cry that much. I think I'm entitled to a good sob every now and again.-
Why the HELL are you breathing my air, you useless waste of space?
Why do SOME people get so upset when I don't worship and agree with them every second of every day?
-I mean, I'm sorry you're too fucking blind and preoccupied with your own problems to see when I'm actually upset and NOT just being a bitch. I actually do have thoughts that are neither happy or exactly like yours. I just hope you know that when you're upset, I actually try to find out what's wrong and make you feel better, instead of storming off in an entitled huff.-
-Controversially, I'm sure you'll all agree that I am as well preoccupied with my own problems. Considering the effort I put into paying attention to you, I think I have a right to actually care about myself without being called selfish. So stop with the bullshit; I don't care that you think I'm some self-centered, melodramatic drama queen, because SOMETIMES, I am allowed to focus myself instead of you.-
Why do people think I'm conceited?
-Besides the fact that I say I am, of course. My self-esteem is crap enough that it would be pretty much impossible to be conceited. You should KNOW that.-
Why are you such a bitch? What exactly gives you the excuse? Are you even aware that I actually do have feelings, and yes, they're fucking hurt?
WHY do you believe me, EVER?
-What I say has nothing to do with who I am; if you actually gave a shit, you would know that.-
What do you expect from me? Like, really, what the HELL do you expect from me?
Do you think that I'm talking to you?
-HAH. I'm talking to everyone.-

And, for the grand finale...


-I give up.-


  1. you'll have to fill me in with what happened. k?

  2. and i put "conceited" in quotes because that's what you called YOURSELF! ON YOUR NEW BLOG!!!

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  4. Violet-
    I will! But, hey, you wanna hang out over the weekend? We could go to the mall or something. Do you still need a dress?

  5. Kim-
    1) You called me a bitch as well, if you recall.

    2) If you actually bothered to read all of it instead of just the parts you could complaine about...I said I was talking about everyone. I added that in there just because I knew you would think I was talking about you. Oddly enough, you're not the only thing that bothers me.

  6. i'm sorry. seriously. i'm here if you wanna vent or anything.


  7. yeah, i wanna hang out! Maybe sunday or monday. Do u have my phone #?

    I'll tell you all about my mis-adventures.

    P.S., Yes I still need a dress.

  8. Yeah, I called you! I guess I'll call again? Ooh, what mall should we go to?

  9. wow. i'm sorry. sounds like a huge load of shit. don't worry about ranting. ranting is good. i rant sometimes. its good to get it all out.

    oustbank, thats epic!


  10. wow. um, i hope whatever (or, much more likely whoever) is bothering you goes and dies in a hole. feel better, strawberry!

  11. ...and the extra e's are for...