Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lion King. Epic movie.
Well, it's my dad's birthday today. He's turning 23, haha. I made him a little book with a story inside it...and I think it's pretty awesome :)
I had a weird dream. It was my birthday and like many other days, NO ONE was answering the phone, much less available. For some reason Leo was in it. We hung out for about five seconds. Then I was at a really dusty boardwalk with my parents, because they wanted to take me there for my birthday, of course. I was miserable, because none of my friends were there or even answering the phone. Then a whole bunch of people in my family show up so we move to a bigger table. I'm still pretty miserable. but then--ALAS! I see four of my friends outside, walking towards the restaurant we're in!!!! I can't believe my eyes!! Actually, I do wonder if it's a mirage, but I run out anyway and IT'S THEM! MY BIRTHDAY ISN'T MISERABLE!
Hm. The friends were: Sharebear, Kim, Nat, and Lolo. Where's all the others?? I'll never know 0.0

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  1. Scar always scares me though. He has forever. And the hyenas? Creepy as hell!

    I agree, Strawberry. I think I have depression. Serious depression. Except my mom seems to not care about it. Maybe my dad will. I'll have to talk to him.

    thanks for saying i'm not worthless. means a lot coming from my word verification buddy. :D

    speaking of which, mine is pretid. i don't even know.