Friday, May 7, 2010

I breathe you in, and now I'm in too deep.

You're lucky. The song I'm listening inspired me to blog.
Okay, so, I totally just saw Iron Man 2, and it was actually pretty awesome. I heard some bad reviews, but I think they were a bit, you know, critical. The scene with the Queen song is awesome mostly because it has a Queen song :), Basil knows I don't like him. This actually happened, like, yesterday, and I forgot to mention it. So, he just randomly asks Kim in science class if I still like him. I'm pretty sure he's done this about every six months since the first time, just to make sure. Anyway, for the first time, she can actually say 'no'. He asks how she did it. She says it was mostly me, actually [;)], so he asks what I said, and Kim, who was never the best at this thing (sorry, Kim, but it's true) said I said he was a jerk or something. And he gives her a look. I mean, it's true, but hell, that makes me sound like a whiny moron. Anyway. So now he knows :)
I'm pretty sure something else happened today, but I don't know what.
Ummm, Lulu talked to me. And Genne. Both about the same topic which I feel will be unlucky to mention. I mean, hell, I don't even care about it enough for it to be a big deal--but you know what? Never mind.
Water park tomorrow :) I'm nervous. And excited. Ugh, I had too much salt at the movies earlier...

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