Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just let me go...

I really, really, really do not feel like blogging right now. Actually, I don't feel like doing anything. I think I left my phone on the bus. So, I'll ask for it tomorrow, and then I'll panic. Ugh. I can't do anything now...not when I have something so undone...
I'm really bored right now, not crushing on anyone. School is just that more pointless, you know? Yes, I am one of those people who need a love interest to feel complete. Please don't comment saying I don't. I do. What am I supposed to look forward to, if not some secretive, silent excitement over the tiniest moment even slightly involving HIM? No one at school is exciting anymore. I swear, if I don't go to high school and meet someone RIGHT NOW, I'm going to go insane.
...I actually kind of wish you all knew what I looked like. I have short, messy, wavy-ish blonde hair and gray/blue/green eyes. I would tell you more, but you might stalk me ;D
*sigh* So bored....


  1. if you don't say more about how u look, what will lonely 64 year old men do on a saturday? tee hee

  2. wait, let me get this straight. you are dependent on have a crush. not friends, boyfriends, a crush.

  3. Nora....WHY? Why do you insist on leaving rude, unnecessary comments? I would love to get along with you, really, but so far everything you've said to me has been so...DISPARAGING.

    Haha. You would.

  4. your eyes sound pretty.

    haha, okay fine. you like scar's voice. thats cool. but it would be a different matter entirely if you said you loved the animated character. that would be....odd.

    Ruffic. Ha. like Terrific, but teRUFFIC! haha

  5. I have to say it.... YOU DO NOT NEED A 'LOVE INTEREST'!!! Please trust me on this. No male of the species is worth obsessing over. Someday, one (or more) guy will look over and see those beautiful eyes of yours and that stubborn strand of hair hanging in front of them and think WOW! It wouldn't surpise me if that allready hasn't happened and the poor boy is just too shy to say anything.

    That said....You had BETTER find that phone!!!!

  6. Please!! Boys are the reason you ALL exist!!