Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get loud, get proud, but you still don't know what I'm talking about.

The day went by SO fast. Not as fast as yesterday, of course, but pretty fast.
I would like to mention that it is Basil's birthday today. I would like to mention this because I completely forgot until his friends started singing 'Happy Birthday' at lunch. And yet STILL no one believes me that I don't like him anymore! It actually really pisses me off, guys; just stop. You sound like obnoxious, pretentious a-holes when you tell me that I still like him. And I don't mind calling you that because you're my friends and you know I luuuurv you ;D
I think this afternoon was more productive than the entire last three months of school combined. I have a HUGE Lang. A project due tomorrow, so, naturally, I finished it all today. Well, technically, I'm not finished. I have to write the explanation, since it is a piece of art. Yes, I have defeated my old bane, painting! I did paint it, and I think it turned out pretty good. Except for one aspect...
You see, I thought it would be cool to make a web-like structure in the corner of the page that ultimately made a Star of David. And I did.....but because I didn't want to mess up my beautiful painting (hah) in case I didn't like it, I painted it on a seperate piece of paper. The paint looks really nice. The cutting job looks like shit. Plus, I bent it as I was cutting it, so.....I dunno. I like the concept, but I don't like what I did with it. Plus the page I drew the web on was smaller than the actual painting...
The thing is, I think I need it to balance out the rest of the painting.
I originally started working on a play that showed prejudice in a modern setting, except it had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Not that I mind that. She didn't actually say it had to. I was gonna do a blatantly unoriginal east-side west-side love story thingy, until admitting to myself that there was no possible way, save a deal with the devil--which even I won't resort to ;)--that I would finish it by tomorrow. Plus, I have no idea how gangsters talk. Or should I say dirt-poor, wrong-side-of-the-tracks high school kids that will end up in jail or dead in less than a year? Yes, that's what I should have said.
I did get a poem out of it, though:
Whatever. I did get a poem out of it, though:
We are the future of McDonald's...
The future of unemployed.
Wasted space, without a place--
just an empty void.
Did I just blow your mind? Yes, I think I did.
There were more verses about being slaves to society and propriety and stuff, and how the American Dream has betrayed everyone who's not rich enough to buy it, and how 'the future of America' (i.e., kids.) has about as much hope as the past generations did (i.e., none.) But I didn't like those, so I got rid of them.
Oh, and I also made dinner. And cookies. But I left the cookies in the oven too long X(


  1. today was his birthday??? wow, i wish i could have been there to make fun of you...

  2. and your poem-thing is weird. sounds like something... its on the edge of my brain... i dont know. but it sounds like something.

  3. blogger is making me angry. it fuckin deleted the rest of your entry??!?! what the fuck! sorry dude!!!!

    i'm sure your painting looks epic!

    ha, glad you finished your huge project.

    i believe that you don't like basil anymore.

    Jaings. i don't even know what to say....

  4. I hope you managed to get everything worked out with your language arts project! It sounds like a cool idea, so hopefully it all came together in the end! And yeah, I have no idea how gangsters talk either... "yo homie wazzup lets go chill" ? ;)