Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nobody loves you do.

Yayyy I'm happy. My hair is AWESOME after I blow dry it. And I'm totally wearing the dress I'm going to wear for the dance and graduation :) along with all the accesories and stuff. Like a ring that is too big for my pinkie and too small for my ring finger =.= And a necklace-pendant thingy shapes like a heart and has flowers on it. Not nearly as ugly as it sounds ;) And my amazing shoes and my newly manicured-and-pedicured green nails. The only problem is that my dress keeps falling JUST TOO LOW and it's showing, like, everything. And, given the nature of the dress, I have to wear a strapless bra. Strapless bras and I do not have a good history. No. But hopefully that was just the dress I was wearing at the time...HEE! I have this adorable hair-thing yay!
Oh, and I am mad at Kim. Why, you ask? Becuase she hasn't been on  Facebook ALL WEEKEND! Not when I wanted to talk to her about the future (yes, sometimes I am actually in the mood for deep conversations. are YOU?) and not when I want to share my utmost excitement with her, which is now. She must be doing something really fun and time-consuming with her dad, or she's avoiding me -.- I'm not sure if she's reading this, since I'm under the impression she's mad at me, but if she is...KIM I HAVE TO SQUEAL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL ABOUT THE DANCE!!! WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUU??

I'm also texting my cousin, Ross. Because I know you wanted to know that.


  1. oh i totally wanted to know if you were texting Ross or not. haha :P

    your dress and accessories sounds really cute!

    inche. french version of inch?

  2. they use the metric system in europe, ali...
    and im totally in the mood for a conversation about the future. i just dont like talking to you.


  4. Whenever I blow dry my hair... it's a disaster. Poofyness in ever direction, haha. But your whole ensemble for graduation and the dance and whatnot sounds lovely! :) Yay!