Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hur. Today was dull. But it's one day closer to Friday, which is a good thing. I swear, I live for the weekends.
I am PSYCHED for the Great Adventure trip!!! It's going to be the most AWESOME thing to ever happen in school, I can tell. I love Great Adventure. Like, it's my favorite place IN THE WORLD. And I'll be there with all my friends! AMAXING!
I really have nothing else to say. Yay for summer.


  1. i'm looking forward to it too. you'll have to show me around because i haven't been there since i was 7

  2. One day closer to Friday. One day closer to the summer! And one day closer to your Great Adventure trip, which sounds like it shall definitely be loads of fun. Anything with the words great and adventure in the title must be pretty good ;D

  3. AMAXING! I love us. :D

    Hahah tracaco! Thats awesome. What word did you say was the princess again? I remember that Fiessema was King. Who was queen? And the jester? Ahh! i'm forgetting! sorry :(

    mine is Inten. So nothing compared to fiessema!