Monday, August 17, 2009

Canon in D

Officially my favorite classical song.
[Canon in D--Pachabel]
I can see the future, friends, and to be honest, I want it so bad it hurts. There's no way--ever--that life could be so perfect, and yet it has to be. I can't imagine it any other way.
I have three kids: an eight-year-old boy named Michael and two six-year-old twin girls named Kathryn and Gabrielle. I don't know who I'm married to...I can't even imagine Basil, it hurts too much. So, filling in for my perfect guy, is Frenchie. Yes, Frenchie. Did I ask your opinion?
Anyway. It's the start of August, so we're making our yearly trip to Lolo's beach-front house, with the cliff and the tree and her collections (shells? postcards? help me, Lolo!). To my family, it's like a second home, and Lolo and Nat and Ani and Silver are like extended family. I don't know where Ani and Silver play in, because they haven't written their dream futures for the world to see, but I imagine Nat visiting too while we're there. She'll bring along her latest boyfriend (if she has one currently), who will of course be gorgeous, rich, talented, and brilliant. He and Frenchie will become great friends, of course, which means even if Nat breaks up with him, we'll still keep in touch, so it's okay for him to become friends with my kids (though it'd be weird for my husband to be BFFS with my bff's ex). My daughters spend their time exploring the nearby town and Lolo's bookshop and Michael will be taught rock climbing but I won't let him do cliff-diving till he's older. I'll spend my days touring the beach with Lolo and Nat and catching up, or taking long strolls with my wonderful husband, and of course I'll bring my dog Merlin, but I'll make sure to keep them away from Nat so she doesn't break out in hives or something. I have to leave Peach and Cadogan, my cats, at home since Lolo is allergic.
That's just the summer. In the fall, since Vermont falls are beautiful, Ani and her husband will spend a few days before moving on to Nat and Lolo. We'll always spend Christmas with Silver. After Christmas, we'll visit Nat in California, where my kids will learn to love the beach and I'll take yoga classes (free of course, Nat :D).
At home, I'll be an professer, teaching about writing. I'll have several books published, all of which will be best-sellers (:)). My daughters will be artistic and beautiful; my son will attract friends like flies to honey. It'll actually be hard for me to write, because everything will be so...perfect. Absolutely, beautifully perfect.
What's your perfect future? Perfect world? Maybe I can incorporate it.
I wish I could ask Ani and Silver. It won't be complete without their input.


  1. Errr. What about your poor parents? No time with us?

  2. Haha you'll be travelling the world :) and Easter and Thanksgiving...

  3. At least you got the eldest girl's name right. ;-)