Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Read ma entry, foo.

Katon was silent but fuming in my head. He was glaring at Tyler Smith, who was surrounded by girls.
You're such a guy. I forced my eyes away before someone accused me of staring.
Where I come from, a guy like that would be killed.
Killed? That's a little harsh, isn't it?
Katon snorted. He's skinny as hell. I would destroy him in a fist fight.
I rolled my eyes, which prompted several stares. So you're all buff, right?
Right. He sounded vindicated.
You're just jealous.
Yes, jealous. Girls adore him.
If I were in my own body, they would forget that poser ever existed.
But you're not. I paused to mentally glare at him. Look, if you wanted to flirt, you should've picked a male body to possess. I--
Katon reacted faster than I did. He had us by the window in seconds, looking for the source of excitement.
It was just a car, sleek and black, standing out against the cheap sedans that filled the parking lot. The guys ooh-ed and ahh-ed and the girls looked put-out that the attention wasn't on them anymore. Even Katon seemed impressed.
The driver of the car stepped out, and I was immediately struck by how handsome he was. Entranced. Mesmorized. He looked like an angel, with shoulder-length gold hair and golden-tan skin. Even from the second floor I saw that he had brilliant blue eyes that glinted in the broad daylight. He looked up and...smiled at me.
Katon launched me across the classroom, away from the window and towards the door. The Uno-playing group cried out as we attempted to leap over their was something Katon could do, but I could not. My foot slammed against the wood surface and twisted, and I was sprawled out on top of a chair.
"Ella! What is the meaning of this?" cried the teacher, but I could barely hear her. Before I could register the pain, Katon scrambled us away from the wreckage and through the door.
Stop! Stop, what are you doing?!?! It was useless though; Katon was in control. He practically through us down the hall, then the stairs.
They know I'm here! He was thinking to himself, but still I heard him. They found me!
WHO WAS THAT, KATON? He slowed finally, but at the worst place--we were balanced perilously on the edge of a step. I threw my hands out before me but it was too late--my chin slammed against the stairs as my body flipped over my head.
Once again, Katon pushed me back up, though I was reeling in pain. His sights were set on the back entrance that led to the feild hockey feild. I tried to hook myself on the door, but once again, he was too strong.
That was a vampire, Ella! His voice was more frantic than I had ever heard before--he was truly scared. We barrelled out the door.
Shock made me easier to control, and we ran faster than I had ever run in my life. The winter air was bitingly cold, but he seemed not to notice, as long as we got as far away from the school as possible.
Yeah, doesn't have a proper ending, but whatever.

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