Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shed your light on me; I've lost my way.

So, so, so.
Betcha thought I'd blog about something important, dincha?
[Teardrop--Massive Attack]
There is something in the winds no man can hear,
no man can see,
no man can taste.
There is something there
that no man can feel,
no man can love.
No man can hate.
There is something beneath the grounds
that was left there, long ago.
Forgotten by the man who can't forget,
remembered by the man who
doesn't need to know.
[Be Ok--Ingrid Michaelson]
Alan Wood, Allyson Nile, Sarah Bernstine, Annie Lernon, Jenny Notster, Cassidy Reately, Kylie Morse, Jon Krivchenia, Bruce Willis, Brianna Xavier, Danielle Meyers, Ella Edwards, Tyler Amori. Do you recognize any of these names? You shouldn't. I just made them up.
I don't have anything to blog about, but I felt I should write something other than a link to a song that PERFECTLY DESCRIBES HOW I FEEL ABOUT BASIL. Well, not exactly that, but you know what I mean.
My Three Wishes:
  1. I wish I could read minds.
  2. I wish I would never run out of inspiration.
  3. I wish I could control minds.

So, what does that say about me? I'm curious? Nosy? Not dedicated? Uncreative? Do I strive for control? Or, in a deeper sense, do I think my life is one huge train wreck and that I'm never going to be good enough? Pah. No.
{F*ck You--Lily Allen]

Really, though. You can tell a lot about someone by their three wishes. Ask someone and see what you find.
[24--Jem] (great song)
Sometimes I think I can see my aura. Usually it's black.
I have curious tear ducts. I rarely cry when I'm sad (usually my first response is to laugh), unless it's really, really bad. But I cry when I'm frustrated or scared (not, like, afraid of ghosts, the deeper kind of fear). I suppose that's normal.
Of course, some people I have the displeasure of knowing cry at a moment's notice ('waaaaaaah! my boyfriends of three days broke up with me!!!!!'). I call that 'acting like a victim'. One prime example of someone who constantly acts like a victim is Ringo. Then people (coughnatandanicough) think I'm mean for hating her.
[Him--Lily Allen]
Let me say it from my side: she's not my friend. At all. I hate her. I put up with my friends teasing me because they're my friends. But when she does, especially after I tell her to stop multiple times, I'm going to get mad. She'll act upset and teary and overreact-y and victim-ish till she gets a supporter, than she'll act like an obstinate little ass. She bugs me for no reason, and I get yelled at for being mean back. She's obviously desperate for friends, acts annoying in her attempt to get friends (I think she's delusional) and a total bitch to people who call her on her vile annoyingness. She trys to hard. She's too nice *coughannoyingcough* in an effort to buy your friendship and once she thinks anyone likes her, takes advantage of you. She's completely idiotic and inept. Nothing passes through that thick skull of her, especially 'no'. When someone tells her not to do something, she acts all rebellious and keeps doing it.
Here are some examples:
First, let me explain about Ani and Nat. I was good friends with both of them in sixth, than they became BFF last year, which of course means I am completely out of the picture when the other is around (excuse me for being jealous and bitter). They're both, unfathomably, friends with Ringo. Personally, I think it's an unhealthy relationship with Ani and Ringo, because they get into really bad fights all the time (Ani says she hates her almost every other day), and always seem to be BFFLS again whenever I get mad at Sara.

Example One: THE GREAT GYM INCIDENT. I was frisbee-ing with Silver and quickly became bored, so I went over and joined Nat, Ani, and Ringo. As was conducent to our positions, I threw the frisbee towards Ringo, and she missed. Now, here is where my competitive, smug side came in, and I said: "Haha, losa!!!!". Jokingly. I would've said this to anyone. That's when Ringo gets all upset and Ani and Nat stalk off to play frisbee without me (with her). Of course, by this point I have nothing to lose, so I force myself in on thier game again. They both start yelling at me so I yell back, and at Ringo, who of course, since she has reinforcements, is being a bitch. After awhile Nat and Ani, in their infinite maturity (sorry guys, but you do act like you're more mature than, ya know, me), stalked off in a different direction, this time leaving both me and Ringo behind. Ringo goes off in a corner and cries, which draws the attention of Gabby, Evan, and someone else. I join Silver and Kim and we're walking the perimiter of the feild when we run into Nat and Ani again, who say they're not going to talk to either of us till we say we're sorry (I wasn't, and thus it would be a lie), when the trio afore mentioned passes by me and makes a comment on how mean I am.

Example Two: THE FEILD DAY FIASCO. It was feild day, during lunchtime. After having gotten my water ice, I returned to the bench where I was sitting, only to find Ani has taken my spot. Somehow, she starts kicking me (hard, I might add), so I kick her back. Then Ringo starts kicking me. I tell her to stop. She gets all defiant for no reason (much like her kicking) and keeps on doing it. This is where I explode on her.
Then she starts laughing like a hyena.
Then people start yelling at me.
At this point I want to punch something, preferably Ringo. Ani is being remotely sane about this; she's yelling at both of us (it'd be completely sane if she was only yelling at that detestable cur), but Nat is yelling at me. While I'm arguing with Ani, Ringo and Nat come back, and of course I immediately screech "Go away!" as if I'm already not fuming. She doesn't. Nat has to lead her away. And then, neither come back.
Glad to know that bitch is more important to you than me.
I am eternally indebted to Lolo, by the way, for calming me down and being the only one not to yell at me.

Do you agree with me?


  1. Okay, how cum i seem like a tottal a** in each of those examples. In 3 i got all pissed at Ringo too. Than I tottal ditched her and talked to Dylan... :-)

  2. There were only two examples... you really want an answer?

    Haha okay. That makes me feel better :)
    Who's Dylan again?

  3. three wishes
    reading minds
    be perfect at everything without even trying (sport, schools, impressions, anything, etc, etc.)
    and then a million more wishes or if thats illegal a bajillion dollars

    there is this one girl, whom shall remain nameless, who screams, and it's so annoying. it's so high pitched and just so unattractive. if she's mad, she screams, happy, screams, excited really screams, and sad, screams and then cries. I don't know people stand her, i know i don't. i glad i only know her through class tho i am envious of other who don't even know who she is.