Saturday, August 15, 2009

My greatest fear is that you'll see through my ruse, and realize that no, I'm not just like you.

[F*ck You--Lily Allen]
What is it with me and foreign blog names?
Can anyone guess what karaktererne means? Without looking it up? Can you guess what language? I bet NOT.
My birthday is in ten days. BOO-RAH, MOFOS! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.
I already got a new phone (:D). Now all I want is books. Really. Get me a book you think is good. PLEASE don't get me perfume. Or hand sanitizer. I'm serious.
But what should I do for my birthday? Will Silver be back by then? If she is, we could all hang out. How awesome, no?
I really need to get more clothes. I still don't have an outfit for the first day of school. I still don't have pants that fit right. Ugh.
Is it just me, or is this entry very scattered?

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  1. i love your phone. it's the zenon right? i really wanted that one, and it seems as if everyone i know is getting one. congrats!