Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy birthday?

Well. It's my birthday. I'm officially thirteen! So why don't I feel any different?
[I Miss You--Blink-182]
Of course, sitting in front of a computer waiting for someone to either sign on or pick up the phone isn't exactly how I envisioned my birthday. I went to the mall with my mom last year, but this year it just doesn't sound fun. Nothing does. I'm gonna check movie listings.
[MakeDamnSure--Taking Back Sunday]
If only Silver would pick up. If only Lolo was back from vacation (actually, she might be, but I'm not sure). If only I knew which number was Ani's house number. If only Nat...answered either text messages of IMs. If only there was a movie I wanted to see...sigh. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I guess I should just pick something to do, but it's hard when you feel this...alone? Or desperate? I don't know.
I do know that birthday's are supposed to fun. And by God, I'll make it fun.
[Tear You Apart]
It'd be a lot more fun with one of my friends, though. Ya know?
I think I'll call Silver again.
Of course, I do remember my wonderful-tastic surprise party :D That was quite the enjoyable affair. And I'm not allowed to be unhappy because of it. Hee hee :)