Sunday, August 30, 2009


Gawsh, I love the mall!
GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY? I went to the mall with Nat! Yesh I did! Super happiness!
Yup! And when shopping got boring, we stalked people!
Yes, you read right. We stalked people. It turned from 'following' to 'stalking' when we started consciously looking for them. First we just randomly started following these two emo girls in purple and black (purple shirt 1 and 2) and they went ALL OVER THE PLACE. They kept going back and forth between Boscov's and Hot Topic. Then we lost them for awhile but WE FOUND THEM AGAIN. At one point we ran into them in the hall and the shorter one (purple shirt 1) cried, "I love you!" to which we cried "I love you too!" back. Good times.
After awhile, one of them left, and we power-walked after purple shirt just to have her disappear out of Macy's. Blah. Then we followed this incredibly cute emo guy till somehow, against the laws of nature, HE MET UP WITH TWO PREPS. Wtf. We were just kinda wandering around after that, looking for someone else to stalk, when WHO SHOULD APPEAR BUT PURPLE SHIRT. Except this time she was with BLUE SHIRT. Craziness.
We followed them too until we lost them, which was about when we just couldn't walk anymore and Nat's dad picked us up. THEN WE WENT TO DINNER WITH LOLO AND THEIR LITTLE SISTERS WHO I CURRENTLY FORGET THE NAME OF. Yesh, good times.
Oh, and we ran into purple shirt and blue shirt in Hollister, of all places. Purple shirt said "I love you!" again and blue shirt asked to see my shirt than gave me a high five. Oh yeah.
I had a good day :)


  1. Whoa. Intense story. haha.

    Follow this link. It was the first thing that popped into my read after I read "purple shirt."

  2. haha that was super fun. we gotta do that again

  3. Awesome goal! I hope you can fulfill it. What's wrong with trying to be at peace with the world? The more you make that a goal in your life, the easier it is to achieve it.

    Haha, I feel like a Sensei or something. :]