Friday, August 28, 2009


Alan tried very hard not to look at his date, not because his date was ugly, but because she wasn't looking at him. That worried him...that she wasn't looking at him...but he didn't know why. After all, he hadn't wanted to do this at all. He had never once considered Natalie Lakes as a date, and if someone asked him too, he would've laughed and said "Really?", but inside he'd be shuffling his feet and looking away. Because once, long ago, he and Natalie had a thing. Not a romantic thing, but definitely a thing, and one he didn't ever want to think about.
Across from Alan, Natalie was trying very hard not to look at him, because really she couldn't believe this. She had suspected it was a joke the moment he had asked her...that his friends were hiding behind the corner, waiting to ambush her with laughter...but, for the first time in her life, she had swallowed her fear and said 'Yes.' in the most defiant tone she could muster. Because if it was a joke, it wouldn't matter, and if it was a dare, he'd be stuck with her for at least one night.
Indeed it was a dare, and Alan had only agreed to it because he didn't really expect Natalie to say yes. He didn't know that she had been nurturing a crush on him for years, despite how badly he had treated her during their 'thing', and how completely he ignored her afterwards. In his mind, she had gotten over it and moved on. Maybe she would hold a grudge and hate him forever. That would be easier than her--impossibly--still liking her. Safer.
Because Alan was essentially selfish and painfully unobservant, which he used to create a picture that didn't involve his gut feeling that Natalie still liked him. He was also a player, a jerk, and secretly obsessed with popularity...and why would a girl like Natalie like someone like that? She was as shy as he was outgoing, cynical, jealous, and reserved...not his type at all. But she had said yes.
Across from Alan, Natalie was wondering at the impossibility of Alan Howe asking her on a date, then her saying yes, then them ending up in a quaint little cafe in the middle of town. She alternated between reliving the moment--again and again--in her head, and sneaking glances at him. She was trying not to, but she couldn't help it...his expressions fascinated her.
In case you haven't guessed, this is how I imagine a date between me and Basil would go in a few least part of it. I just can't write anymore of it...just like when you read for hours you just can't read anymore.
[Use Somebody--Kings of Leon]
No, Alan is not Basil's name, and Natalie is not my name. I just picked Natalie out of a hat, and every time I write a character based off Basil, I use the name Alan. Why? Because the first time I based a character off him, I used Alan, because it means 'handsome'. Shut up.
Anyway! Not much going on in the world of Strawberry, but when is that news? I finally finished reading City of Bones and my dad bought New Moon (don't ask). Oh, and I had a physical today! Joy. I'm healthy. Hoo-rah?
Well, yes, because that's a good thing...oh, I got two shots which lasted all of ten seconds (they shot lady was very quick), and the nice doctor lady (who is apparently the mother of someone in my school) gave me acne medicine that supposedly works very well. Yay! This really is good, because if I had to pick between losing twenty pounds permanently and clearing my skin permanently, I'd chose the pounds.
Hah, I kid. I'd choose the skin, because there is nothing I hate more than my red, bumpy face. Seriously.
Also, partially because somewhere in the back of my head I imagine Basil talking with one of his friends; "Alright! I'll only ask her out if she has clear skin when school starts."
Yeah. Don't even think it.
[Nicest Thing--Kate Nash]
Huh. I've begun my trademark giggling-for-no-reason again, which makes me feel happy :D That sentence was lame.
Strawberry out.
Oh, and comment or die.

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  1. Basil wouldn't not ask you out because of your skin, weight, or any thing else about you. He wouldn't not ask you out because he's an immature little dweeb. Or gay.