Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heart n Soul

Fudgemuggers, clothing websites annoy me! They don't let you copy-and-paste the pictures anymore. I can't put together a collage of all my favorite clothes! D=
I bring this up because I'm currently obsessing over my back-to-school outfit (given that school is about three weeks away...ugh). But don't worry, I'm only using clothes from JC Penny's, my favorite store (really, I have most of my clothes from there).
For instance, this shirt would look awesome with these jeans, and for accessories...these earrings? Indeed. I also adore these earrings and this bracelet...though I don't have much use for the bracelet.
See how much easier this would be if I could just add the pictures and spare you the trouble of clicking all those links?
Regardless, I'm still going to post all the clothes I would adore to have, more for my benefit than yours. If you, ya know, want to, feel free to click on every single one...
I'd much, much prefer this without the weird 'hardware' things, but besides that, it's a nice shirt. This one is perfect. It seems very Autum-y, doesn't it? I dunno, I like it, especially with the bracelets shown in the picture. I would totally wear this, but maybe change the color. This hoodie is totally something I would wear, even if it is pink and it is Hello Kitty. Don't judge me.
Jeans are kinda general.

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