Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well. Today Basil mouthed at me "I love you". The sad thing is he has no idea how he's hurting me. He has no clue. I wish I could tell him.
[Eyes on Fire--Blue Foundation]
Just so ya know, he was doing that to everyone. I'm not sure what exactly my expression was...I think I started to smile, then decided not to and squashed that grin before it could reveal how much I wished he meant it, and it turned into more of a grimace. I was not in the mood for laughing at him. I'm still not.
But, in other news, I got two more shirts :D And Ani decided not to be mad at me anymore. I don't think she ever really was.
Imma go write now.
Hah. This entry sucked. COMMENT AND IT WON'T.
Oh, and what should I be for Halloween? Any suggestions? Anyone? Wow.


  1. Reinact the famous writer from that dress-up day last year? Maybe print one of your stories out, make a cool cover and carry it around. I wonder how many people would ask for your autograph?

  2. Me and alice are being Nijas. I'm going to wear black leggings, my converse, and a shirt that says "I'm a ninja!"

  3. Haha Nat. I might wear a shirt that says "Am I scary?". But I love dressing up.