Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You're too shy, shy.

*sigh* I am the weirdest spender. I hatehatehate spending money, but when I do want to buy something I end up getting something I don't really want or need (like two things of lip gloss, a choker, and two shirts...oh wait, I wanted the shirts!). I also can never decide if I want to buy something or not...I constantly assess it, weigh the pros and cons, and usually I decide not to get it. But...I really, really love to spend. One time, during Christmas, my dad gave me $100 for Christmas, and I spent the first $75 in 15 minutes. Chyea.
IN OTHER NEWS, I have Mrs. Kinger for advisory, and she's the evil gym teacher that no one likes. GAR. The good thing is Lolo is in the joined advisory, so technically we're in the same advisory! Yay! But Nat and Silver aren't...and Moo, Gary, Connor, and...someone else I forget the name of who is also a guy is. I'm going to have a fun year. Oh, and Catman and Bruce aren't. Dunno bout Frenchie or Basil.
OH. And I've been working on my backpack, so everything is packed! Except for, dundundun, my calculator! Ugh. I have no idea where it is. Like, no clue. It's lost in the recesses of old school supplies and trash. But I have some shiny new stuff :D
Speaking of being prepared for school, those are the only two fronts where I am. I don't know what's gonna happen when I walk off that bus...what I'm going to feel...and I have, like, NO new clothes.
You see, I LOVE JCPenny's, and usually I'll peruse their website for clothes I like. This time, I actually put stuff in the shopping cart! And then, even with a major sale and getting rid of, like, three items, my total comes to: $133.93
I would pay for it all myself, of course, and I was planning to (the most I'll *cough* borrow is 30 dollars...if my parents are willing, of course) BUT. Yes, there's a but (but when isn't there?). I only have a measly $60 dollars on hand, which means a no-no on two pairs of jeans, one pair of bermudas, some gym capris that I've wanted since the first day of sixth grade, and three shirts. Yup, that's it. Seven items, on sale, and it's 133 dollars? What the hell, people?
I somehow have to get $73 before these sales end, which would be just smashing if my allowance wasn't weekly and it would take two months to get that much anyway. As you see, I'm in quite the predicamant.
I think I'll take the easy way out: fill out a gazillion of those book things from Commerce (ten dollars for every ten books! woo!). Because heaven forbid I actually do some work for my bread. Besides, it's too late in the summer anyway.
It's weird, though. Despite this, er, problem, I'm strangely happy. And this time it's not because I'm insane! :D I'm happy because I know my advisor, and that is, even if a small one, a definite.
I've got to fill out some paperwork. If you'll excuse me, Strawberry out.


  1. i haven't read it.... i am just itching to read it now. I have nno time to read during the week. For me i am afraid to start it, i have been carrying it around for the last 30 or so hours, and just staring at it. I want to start it but i am afraid that when i do i'll just end up speeding through it, and having to wait another year for the next one, or that i will have to stop in the middle of a good part, and the wait'll be agonizing

  2. What a dilemma. :/

    As the answer to your question, I think the next book will come out September 2010. It only makes sense since both The Hunger Games and now Catching Fire have come out this month. Purely a supposition though.

    I'm already 108 pages through and I'm giving myself a very short break to be on the computer so I can still do my homework, too. I'm such a good student...ha! I'm as lazy as a bum.