Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Second day of school. Wow. I have all my classes with Happy and Heather, who are both incredibly nice people that I plan to be best friends with by the time school is over.
And...Basil. I only have LA so far with him, which is both a blessing and a curse. I feel like I've been staring at the back of his neck all day...and noticing the color of the skin on his arms (cappucino)...and examining his nose whenever he turns around. I feel like Bella, in New Moon, when she tells Jacob he's 'kinda beautiful', except I haven't actually spoken to him and that sounds weird.
LA is gonna be so great this year! And no, not because of Basil (gawsh, I'm not the stupid). We're studying Shakespeare!!!!!!! And performing A Midsummer Night's Dream!!!! OH JOYI could totally see me as Helena and Basil as Demetrius...but I'm obsessing, aren't I? No, I just love Shakespeare. Methinks I'll read it now. And do my homework XP
Mrs. New seems cool, but my class isn't all too great. I've always been fairly good at French, but I never really learned it, just memorized it. I'll definitely have to review it if I wanna mantain an A in that class.
Patrick et sa femme Annick habite a Lille, mais il pas de moi de fevriere, chez sa mere, qu'e Pariessene.
I really butchered the spelling there, but try sounding it out. We had to memorize it in sixth grade.
Mr. Brooklyn, the student teacher, seems like the type who's alwaysALWAYS wanted to be a teacher, and by God, I hope he becomes one.
Mrs. Gross is actually way nicer than I thought she was...I don't really like my seat, but oh well, those'll change. I really do like history. It makes me feel nostalgic...
Mr. G seems like a really good math teacher. He says the average grades for the marking periods are 87, 88, 86, and 83. Puh-lease. I'm keeping my As, thank you very much.
Though I do need help on tonight's homework...sigh.

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  1. that's what boys do to us girls. haha.. um you know like is your school like one building with stairs and floors? Well mine is a bunch of one story building placed around a campus and the lockers line the outsides of the building. all of the building surround a grassy quad.