Saturday, September 12, 2009

I was curious to see if it would sound better in Latin.

EGO sum non unus ut narrow
infractus pectus pectoris vel verus diligo basium,
sed, amo battre de eternus procella,
est mos adeo mihi eventus,
pro diligo est a plures species res.
[Rabbit Heart--Florence+The Machine]
Lovely, isn't it? Heh, two words are in French (battre de). Betcha can't understand it at all.
Oh, and EGO is 'I', which I find majorly awesome.
I was curious to see if it would sound better in Latin, so I made up a random poem that was actually pretty bad and translated it. But "thrashing of" didn't translate in Latin, for some reason. Whatevs.
[Blinding--Florence+The Machine]
I want to get a degree in so many things. English literature, philosophy, film making, fashion+design (or interior design). And I want to take all the classes in high school. Business, art, drama, calculus, trig, physics. Not to put into use, but to simply to know. I'm eternally curious. I guess it's part of what fuels my desire to be a good student.
I'm not really a model student, though I could be. I've got the intelligence, the competitiveness, but not always the drive, and usually I just make stupid mistakes and forget my homework. If I really made an effort, joined a few more clubs, maybe even a sport, I'd be the golden-girl (academically. not socially).
[Dog Days Are Over--Florence+The Machine]
I love how everything can be turned into a fairytale. I love how I can see magic where there is none. Imagining makes me eternally happy.
Just so ya know.


  1. that's cool. i like the paint splatter. Um the sleepover went well. but now my mom told me she know now what teenagers really thing about, and she has blackmail material. sigh oh well

  2. that previous comment was by me, but i was on my sister account. she forgot to log off and i forgot to switch out.

  3. oh you mean the one that you linked too? i just looked at that one. it's very cool.