Thursday, September 17, 2009

I won't ease your strain; you'll be waiting in vain. I got nothing for you to gain.

This is so weird. His face is kinda like a drug. I just want to keep staring and staring at it......or maybe I'm just going insane.
I really hate vague, emotional blog entries that don't actually tell about a certain event, but how you feel about it. Confusing, much?
Anyway. Weirdest thing happened today. I was walking out of humanities, and Basil was like, first in line to go in. I didn't know he was there and I kinda turned and you know how when you accidentally catch someone's eye and it's like a hook keeping you there? I really couldn't turn my head at all. He looked kinda confused, and I must've looked freaked out, because I always do to a degree. But I don't know if the time slowed down or I did (probably the latter, I'll admit) but I know it did...freaky. His eyes are like, black.
[Go All The Way--Perry Farrell]
This song is weird.
[Eyes On Fire--Blue Foundation]
I don't agree with the whole "all's well that end's well" philosophy. It's like saying attempted murder doesn't matter because nobody actually died (yes, i know it does matter, but it's the only example i could think of. im running slow today).
Huh. I went to art club today! :D It was really, really fun. We paper-mached (i think that's spelled wrong...) a balloon to make a globe then cut up tissue paper. I was at the same table as Nat, Lolo, Tiff and Jenci, and Silver is coming next week. WOOT. Ch'yea.
Dude, I'm having the best lasagna for dinner.
[Supermassive Black Hole]
I'm auditioning for RTV (R*** TV...our school's eight-grade announcement system) because THEN I CAN JOIN DRAMA. I probably wouldn't have if Happy wasn't also auditioning, but everything's better with a friend. I dunno. I'm both terrified of people and I have MEGA stage fright. Not a good combination for newscasting. No, indeed.

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