Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm been spending all my time just thinking 'bout you, I don't know what to do, I think I'm falling for you.

Blogger is annoying me. It won't let me post except for from the dashboard.
My friend Heather is, like, obsessed with boys. She thinks you need a date to the dances (tomorrow! yay!) and no one asks her out because she's fat. She's worse than me. I'm only obsessed with A COUPLE guys.
Heh. Last night I had a dream where I made out with Frenchie. It was pretty damn awesome. But his mouth was kinda wet...
Anyway. Today was a pretty good day. I think I can successfully float along in French and still get an A. And Mr. Brooklyn (student teacher for science) did way better today, even though he took forever to explain everything.
I got the math homework! Yay! It was actually pretty simple. But I still can't make the coordinates always match up...
Basil is my music class, and I actually got a good view of his FACE this time! Gawd. I can't believe people wonder what I see in him.
[Believe Me--Fort Minor]
*sigh* I'm very happy. Very, very happy. Blissfully so.
I can't wait till the dance tomorrow! It's the Welcome Back dance, and also the first one of the year. Let me tell you this, if you're a first time reader or something: I LOVE dances! There's so much energy, it's like being electrified awake. Even when you sweat and can't dance and practically get drunk on lukewarm soda. Even when all you can do is watch your crush from far away dancing, and then start giggling like mad because THEY'RE FREAKING DANCING AND THEY DON'T SUCK LIKE YOU DO and it seems almost wrong to watch...yeah.
[Remember the Name--Fort Minor] Is it just me or are they talking about Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park?
I get the impression people think I'm mean, but really, I'm not all bad. My beef is always with your personality, nothing else (even though I usually don't tolerate the bad aspects of your personality). I always have a reason not to like you. I actually find it hard to see people as ugly...everyone seems kind of beautiful to me.
Yeah, I'm not weird at all.
[Wonderful--Gary Go]
I just find it hard to talk to people for a long time...I can never think of anything to say. And I usually don't really try to become friends with someone.
I'm going to try with Shari, though. She's actually really cool...and she sat with us at lunch...and she talks to me! I just need to ask Nat something...gar.
I just ran out of things to say.


  1. haha yeah i'd rather have your school too. Haha my locker doesn't like me either. last year we had combination locks, but now we have key locks, and my key always gets stuck. it sucks. haha

  2. same here, or else my lock will eat my key. This weekend i am having the whole volleyball team over for a team sleepover. The problem: i don't really know what to do at a sleepover, i haven't had one since more than a year ago, and that was with really close friend whom i didn't care if it sucked or not. Any suggestions