Sunday, September 13, 2009

I look around but I can't find you; if only I could see your face. I start rushing towards the skyline, I wish I could just be brave. I must become the lion-hearted girl ready for a fight before I make the final sacrifice.

[Rabbit Heart--Florence+The Machine]
Current favorite song, by the way.
I don't really have anything to blog about (except that I feel like I never see Basil anymore, though maybe it's just the difference from last year, when I had all my classes with him), so I'm going to blog about some characters.
I started writing this story, The Wrath of the King, mostly because I was watching The Lord of the Rings earlier and it always inspires me to write something epic. The two main protaginists, Casia and Anordas, where originally to be based on moiself and guess-who, but when I started writing, they kinda developed personalities of their own. Casia is compassionate, brave, and gentle, and Anordas has a tendency not to listen, but he's pretty mild-mannered, gets distracted easily, is good at surpressing emotion, and deeply admires Casia. It's, like, an instant connection at the start of the book.
I have three pages so far, but that's six in book form, and it's pretty good anyway. I write really, really slow.

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