Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Depressive mood start NOW.

So I was bored this morning, and I bought the Twilight album! :D It's actually WAY better than I feared it would be. Robert Patterson shouldn't sing, but other than that, the album is gold! Hoo-rah! I don't get why it was described as emo, though, because it is so NOT emo, but whatever, I'm no critic.
[Flightless Bird, American mouth--Iron & Wine]
It's so great getting new music :)
NOW the depressive mood starts.
I'm sure we can all guess at the cause. He makes me feel...I dunno, like I'm not good enough. I've gone from wondering why I like him to wondering why no one else does. It's frustrating, feeling like I do.
[Bella's Lullabuy--Carter Burwell]
I dunno how Carter Burwell is, but he's has some mad skillz.
I hate days when nothing happens. It's...so...tedious. So very tedious. You have no idea how quickly I lose my mind.
I feel like I should blog more, because my entries have been so short and suckish lately. The problem is I have nothing to do but complain. I'm still waiting for them to reschedule the dance...argh. We are so much more important than sixth graders. Argh. Stupid canteen.
[Supermassive Black Hole--Muse]
I can type really fast.


  1. I know what it's like to be frustrated. I'd love to say it gets better, but if anything, it gets worse. They make me just a weak and depressed, but also insanely happy, in the way I can't stop thinking about them. *sigh*

    Twilight album? Seriously? Okay.

  2. Eh, kind of. Don't take it personally. Really. I think nothing less of you.

    "It makes me so afraid to look at him, and yet I really, really want to all the time. I feel like I never see him anymore,"
    OH MY GOODNESS, LADY. That's exactly what happened today in the literal sense. I had seen him from far away, then I acted like I hadn't seen him until we were nearly three feet apart. He smiled and waved and I tried to act unimpressed and not overtly excited. Ha, I'm so lame.