Saturday, September 5, 2009

These lies are leading me astray; it's too much for me to take.

[This Love, This Hate--Hollywood Undead]
I don't even have anything to blog about. I'm so happy. This is great!
I need ten dollars. That's it, and I'm done. And school starts in four days...I still don't know what advisory Basil is in, but what does it matter? Maybe the less I see of him the healthier. Lolo is my advisory...I still don't know my schedule...and Ringo is too, ugh. Oh well. Maybe this time she'll get that I never want to see her ever again and leave me alone.
Rimby, Moo, Mark, and Gary are all apparently in my advisory...gawd...I'm screwed. Majorly. I don't even like any of them, but they're just...ew. Ew ew ew.
[Breaking Benjamin--Until the End]
Three days left of freedom. I just...I can't waste it, though I probably will. That doesn't even matter. I'm going to be an eight grader, the top of the school. I will make something of myself this year. I'll join clubs! Yeah.
Ugh. Ideas. I need to write an article for the school paper if I wanna join drama, and not joining drama is not an option. It makes me so unbelievably happy...sigh. The parents don't seem to get that I have to be successful on my own time...I can't just flip a switch and be somebody, and have talent, but they're going to take away my happiness as if I's so stupid. I don't write to publish, or make money...and I've never been good at article writing...sigh.
[Prayers of a Refugee--Rise Against]


  1. Thanks, I think my title picture looks nice, too.

    Be honest: better or worse than the one I had before?

  2. No offense taken, thanks for being honest. :]

  3. So, do you know anything about President Obama's speech on Tuesday?

  4. Yes. And do you know why they are?

    Okay, I think you make a good point, but at the same time, he is not the only one that would have to live with the possible repercussions of his actions. Yes, it may seem indecisive of him, yet you'd think it'd be better he proceeds with caution rather than just doing something willy-nilly. Besides, the more people he can reach out to, the better chance of having Healthcare reform and better education.