Friday, September 11, 2009

She's going out to forget they were together; all this time he was taking her for granted. She wants to see if there's more than he gave, she's looking for.

[I Don't Wanna Be In Love--Good Charlotte]
I'm listening to this song because it would probably be played at the dance that I will NOT be going to. Why not, you ask? Because there was a freaking power outage and it was cancelled.
Anyway. Basil's head blocks my view to the board in LA. It's sad, really. The only view of him I get is his hair. Oh, and I almost ran into him twice today. GAH.
I don't really think I had a good day.
I feel really bad. I was talking to Heather again and she suggested we hang out over the weekend...I wanted to be her friend, but when she suggested it, I was suddenly very unenthused. I dunno. It just didn't sound...interesting.
[Just Dance--Lady GaGa]
I love making up people. It makes me feel important, somehow. Like on Sims 2. If I can't control my own life, I can very well control theirs!


  1. sorry about the cancelled dance. and thanks you helped me alot. I'm not one for makeovers, but the other may be.

    today i went to the varsity footabll game, our team is known to suck, and there was this huge scandal, which i had a part of i guess. this one kid stole a guys hat and ended up peeing in it and the people were wondering where he went specifically the freshman football team, and i told him where i last saw him (he was still there) and there was a huge crowd and security guards but no fights, but apparently later a girl slapped the same guy and he started hitting her... he's stupid, and always will be a jerk

  2. haha that's stupid. and hopefully. everyones so excited and i don't want to let them down. ugh. i over analyze everything.