Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's just a little bit of eccentricity.

Well. First day of eigth grade. It was a pretty good day, all things considered. It seemed so much the same...like the last two months were really just two days and I'm back again on Monday. So strange. And I'm on the bottom floor this time, in the front hallway, and it's so weird because I've always been in the B Wing (second floor). It's kinda like the feeling of vertigo but not quite...
Here's a secret for you: I'm a total spaz. Last night, before I went to sleep (for the record, I woke up at 1 and didn't sleep again till 5:30, and I had to get up an hour later), I was giggling and shaking and convulsing on myself approxiamtely every 45 seconds till I finally calmed down. And I giggled like mad today, when I was on the bus, and when I saw all of my friends, but that was more for happiness than psychoti--nervousness.
Ringo still apparently hasn't realized that if she agitates me, I will be agitated. She hasn't changed one bit. Actually, no one has. Before I even started to get snappy and sarcastic with her, Ani warned me to 'be nice' to her. And as soon as Nat saw her, she raced up to give her a hug. I'm sorry, but that hurts. If she doesn't speak to me I will not speak to her.
Mrs. Kinger is actually way nicer than I thought she'd be...she's all cool in advisory, though I'm still not in her gym class (House, yay!). Halden, the LA teacher and also the one who shares our advisory, is also very nice. I haven't really met the other teachers, but they all seemed...nice.
That seems to be my favorite word today.
I've already finished my 40-point project that's due on Friday! Chyea. We're supposed to write a bio-poem about ourselves (it has a very strict guideline), and then we paste it onto this big paper that we cover in photos and drawings and magazine cutouts! Yay! I had a hard time getting everything to fit, but I think it turned out rather nice *beams with own superiority*.
Oh, and we had to do this license-plate thing, where we design our own license plate, and I TOTALLY got on Halden's good side by making mine: WRITR4EVR. I was gonna do 4LIFE but it wouldn't fit. Huh.
Ugh. Ringo and I have the same schedule. I cannot even begin to express my contempt at this prospect. But the good news is that Happy and I ALSO share the same schedule! Yes! I'm not dead yet!!!
Now onto the topic I know you've all been dying to hear about: Basil.
I just...don't know. When I saw him, he seemed so happy. His bad influences, Flower and Seagull, are gone (just Tall and Junior...ew), and he sat with his REAL friends at lunch (Frenchie, Catman, Apple, etc.). He's...just...better. I feel like I have to get to know him all over again. I mean, for the life of me, I can't remember an actual time he's been an ass...just because he hates (hated?) me and I felt so bad about that, he seemed mean...but then, all my friends tell me he is. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He seems to have forgotten, but then, he does every year.
*sigh* I'm happy now...
This is going to be a good year.

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  1. i am happy for you. great day. my second day of school i forgot my keys to my locker and had to carry all my books around all day. ugh. hey do you have an indoor school? that's so awesome my outside. :(

    and i get what your saying about basil. the dude i like is in one class with me and even then we sit on the opposite sides of the class room. we talked a whole bunch the end of the year, and now i have to work all over again. ugh. double ugh.