Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And darling, you should know, I have fantasies about being alone.

I did not, in fact, change my blog from blue to green. I didn't really like it as much :/

Well, my plans with Kim were shot. Her mom decided around 12 that she would take the day off of work tomorrow to spend time with Kim, even though we obviously already had plans, and then got upset that Kim wasn't particularly enthused about this and decided to work tomorrow anyway, and then proceeded to insult Kim and misspell my name. Yay.

However, as far as we've planned so far, I am hanging out with Silver on Friday :D So that's some condolence. I still wish I could've hung out with all of my friends, though :(

Today was not particularly productive, though I did get out of the house. We went to Costco and visited my dad, basically. And then I came home and went back to doing nothing. Actually, around 5 o'clock I had the strangest urge to do something and went and mowed the lawn. For a half hour. Then, because I told Kim I'd be back, I came back inside and abandoned my productive leanings for the day.

Also, in the morning, I had a cavity filled. Which made the left side of my mouth numb for about three hours. Which meant I couldn't eat anything for fear of chewing the left side of my tongue/cheek to shreds and I got a headache from feeling like I had a giant, swollen weight on the left side of my face. But I got KFC in the end, so it was okay! Man, I love KFC...

Tomorrow is my parent's anniversary! So, woo. I believe they're on 18 years, maybe 17. Maybe I'll actually get around to mowing the rest of the lawn. Or maybe I'll just play The Sims all day :P

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  1. Youch! I've luckily never had to deal with cavities, but they don't sound too fun. I've actually never had KFC either. I'm missing out on a lot in life... Happy anniversary to your parentals!