Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To do.

I am currently talking to Silver on the phone, so excuse me if nothing I write makes any sense whatsoever :)

Obviously today I had math and Latin, and I guess they weren't that bad--in Latin I managed to leave my folder at home, so so much for the homework I was so proud of doing. Bah. Overall the day was okay, for a Tuesday. In gym we had a long jump, and I managed to fall flat on my face in the sand pit. I had sand in places I don't wish to discuss. Luckily, though, the Gods of Weather decided to have mercy and made it cloudy and windy during gym, so I wasn't dying of heat exhaustion while wearing my heavy black sweats.

Oh, and the other day, Up commented on my status! It was fantastic.
Strawberry Shortcake
-So apparently there's a giant spider loose in my house. Yay.
     Up -And this is why everyone needs a personal flamethrower.

Oh, and we changed seats in science, so I walked into class to find my table filled with terrifying guys. Now I'm sitting with my lab group, so I guess that's alright. At least Science Teacher didn't put me at a table full of guys, or something terrible like that.

I realize that all I've done this month is talk about my day. Oh well! BEDA, ho!


  1. I told you I would comment. so. here I am. enjoy your shower.

  2. You know, Moob, if I didn't know that was you, your comment would be really creepy :)

  3. Hurray for Up commenting on your status! (You should clarify who Up is, in case what I'm about to say is wrong.)

    I love it when my tennis lover comments on my statuses. He went a while there commenting and liking a lot of them. I wonder what happened... :/

    Have a good rest of your week!

  4. I'm sorry dear about your new seats but at least you and Up had a FB convo :)

    Have a good week!

  5. woah! that would be creepy! I know where you live... I can see inside your windows... your computer is funny.

  6. Sitting at a table full of guys would suck. And be really awkward. TO me at least.

    Yay for windy, cooler weather during gym!

    HAHAHAHA yes, I would love to have flamethrower. To kill evil spiders with. now that would be epic.

    Glysiner. Sounds like a type of make up!