Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rules are meant to be followed. That's why they're rules.

I'm blogging now as opposed to late at night because I don't actually expect anything blog-worthy to happen today. Also, I've been tagged! Thankee Natalie!
  • What did you do 10 years ago? I was four, so I probably wasn't doing much. I remember when I was four I locked myself out of the house in the cold and had to be driven to the hospital, and I forgot it was my birthday. Exactly ten years ago, I was probably sleeping or something. Maybe I was moving to where I live now. Who knows?
  • What did you do one year ago? A year ago in my diary I talked about what I wanted for my birthday (a bit early) and how Kim and Silver were my best friends. A year ago on my blog I was making salad, punching out green triangles, and spending two hours at dinky malls with parents.
  • Five snacks that you like? Brownies. Wait, are there supposed to be five? Um...
  • Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to? Hm. At random: Every Day is Exactly the Same by Nine Inch Nails (this song is the theme song to my life), Gimme Sympathy by Metric, The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance (honestly, any song by this band), The Suburbs by Arcade Fire, and Megalomania by Muse.
  • Five things you would do if you were a millionaire? Buy a hell of a lot of clothes, for one thing. Paris, also. Just Paris. I would probably buy a sh*tload of books and then hire someone to read them for me, since I never have any will to read anymore (school has killed it for me). Finally, hire a dog trainer for my evil dog. You know, not give to the poor or anything :)
  • Five bad habits? Not showering for days on end (on weekends!) because I'm too lazy, leaving all my homework undone because "I'll do it in lunch tomorrow,", squealing like a little girl, becoming terrified and mute in front of guys (especially ones I like--forget about it then), and hitting people when I'm mad at them. I'm very violent, haha. Luckily I'm so weak that my hits are like having a bunny thrown at you. I feel like I could think of a lot more bad habits...
  • Five things you like to do? Write, have social interaction, talk to guys (I was about to just put 'guys' when I remembered what the questions was...aha), travel, and debate.
  • Five things you would never dress in or buy? Maxi dresses, red jeans, furry vests, leggings with galaxies on them (these exist), and Ugs.
  • Five favorite toys? My stuffed turtle, iPod, Wii, my Barbies (hee hee), and I guess my badminton rackets, if they count as toys.
  • Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz? Up, mostly. Wait, were we supposed to pick people who actually have blogs?
Woo! Now I'm going to [hopefully] cleanse and eat something for lunch...yeah...


  1. hahah you like to do guys. Just kidding. ;) hire a person to read books to you, eh? Yeah, i totally get that. sorta. although i really enjoy reading so who am i to speak?

    yeah, sorry for not commenting lately. i suck as a follower! i shall comment on every post from here on out. :)

    Alamel. I'm not quite sure how to explain this one.

  2. Yeah, with those million bucks I'd definitely buy a heck of a lot of clothes, haha. And ugh, I hate how school has made me read less too! It's like we have all the required reading to deal with, and no time or will to read for pleasure anymore. So sad. I am guilty of not showering too, actually, except more of just not wanting to deal with washing my hair. But HAHA, leggings with galaxies on them... interesting. ;D

  3. You were 2 when you locked yourself out.

    Moving here was just about right on though...only a month early

    I can name your favorite snacks...Brownies, strawberries, Brownies, cherries, brownies, Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles, brownies, Cake balls, and brownies. Oh yeah...and brownies.