Thursday, April 7, 2011

Down further than before.

I must say, today was not as bad as yesterday. Unfortunately I had a headache all day, which did not exactly make it spiffy, but nonetheless the day wasn't particularly miserable.

Except for gym. My gosh. We played only girls, and it was awful. So awful. He told me to play defense and I had no idea what to do. How was I supposed to heroically leap in front of the ball if she was throwing it from right against the line (past which it is a mortal sin to go)? Plus, since none of the girls are actually into this joke of a game (I refuse to call it a sport), everyone pretty much fumbled and speed-walked instead of, you know, played and ran. It was awful. By the end I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, so I just laughed.

English was dull. My headache decided to get particularly bad then, so I pretty much spent the entire class laying on the desk, feeling ill. This was especially a problem when we had an "accountable talk" session and I couldn't bring myself to pay attention to the conversation, let alone participate. Glad that was over soon.

World civ was also dull, but it always is, so that's not really news. We're starting India; more specifically, British colonization of India, which means something that could be interesting will instead turn dead dull. Well, that's how it is with every subject in world civ., so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Art is, as always, the highlight of my day. I got nothing done in the way of art, of course, but when have I ever? The reason I like art is because I can hang out with my friends, and the BEST friends. Haha, I wish I could remember all the specific details, but, you know...yeah. I love bothering Forever. Just saying.

Science was mindnumbing, and the bus was kind of annoying because Happy and Jared are once more in their own little world. Ugh, whatever. I did hang out with Gem, though :)

And then I got home and did not do homework. I did everything I could on the lab, but I'm kind of stuck unless she sends me her data, which she hasn't done yet...and her email address isn't working....blah. I wish it was Friday.


  1. At least it's Friday now.... right? :)

  2. NO! NO! NO!

    I pressed the link to post a comment and I was going to be all clever and say, "oh, well, it's Friday now!" and Natalie beat me to the punch! I am sorely disappointed, haha.

    I did want to show you this cool video, though.