Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So this is what you mean to me.

I feel like I should feel bad wasting away my spring break days, but I kind of revel in the beautiful nothingness of it. I am not bound to productivity. Either that or I'm just lazy, haha.

I have more plans! That's twice this week! Once more I have proven myself to not be a complete social failure, if just barely. Tomorrow I'm having a sleepover with Kim, and we're shooting our second attempt at a movie, which is so far named Ann and Sofia. I don't want to spoil anything for you--but I will because it's not like I could post it here anyway. Ann (me) and Sofia (Kim) are were close friends who are now reconnecting via sleepover after Ann moved away. They were kind of frenemies from the start, and now, after months of not seeing each other, the tension and just overal dislike between them is even greater. In the end, Ann kills Sofia. Yeah, I'm just going to reveal that. Clearly there's more to their messed-up relationship than just dislike, but YEAH. That's that. I love that all of our stories are just awful and twisted :D

Today I literally played The Sims until twelve. Then I was on the computer for about four hours, talking to Kim and writing the script. At some point, a bit before 5, I decided to do something productive, so I went outside and began to "garden." Meaning I took a shovel and attempted to rip off the top layer of weeds on the garden plots in front of our house. After a half hour I was sore and tired and sweaty (which was especially annoying because I literally just took a shower) so I went inside to drink Gatorade (goodness gracious I love this drink) and take a break. A break which lasted an hour and a half, and then my dad came home and it was dark out, anyway. I'm incredibly weak, I know.

So I guess it's pertinent to say that I've only been listening to songs from Evita and Death Cab for Cutie all day. I've decided I like Death Cab for Cutie, jussayin'. I already knew I liked Evita :D It's one of my favorite musicals to actually listen to--Evita, Chess, and Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm so cool :3

Also, I've decided to make my blog blue instead of green. Hurray!

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