Sunday, April 17, 2011

I have a headache. Mer.

I've had one since about one o'clock today, and it has gotten progressively worse since then. Now I kind of just want to crawl into a hole lined with soft pillows and fall asleep...If I were smart, I'd take a shower tonight, but alas, I won't. I'm too tired. I might actually go to bed early, which is honestly just pathetic over spring break.

Tomorrow I actually have plans! I'm not a complete social failure, yay. I'm going over to Shari's house so we can do awesome things like trampoline and watch movies and stuff, and then I'm going to my dad's friend's house for a Passover thing. Kind of nervous, since I have nothing to wear and I've met his friend twice (although she seems like a lovely person). Also, not being Jewish, I'm afraid I'll offend some sacred Jewish tradition or something...

I spent most of the day at Vera's house, where I was from about 2 to 8 o'clock. I swear, sometimes I get along better with her sisters than her...although it was an enjoyable time. Haha. Before that I pretty much lazed around playing Sims, and ended up losing like three days worth of game time because my sim died from a satellite falling to the ground. My sims have more interesting lives than me. Sigh. I feel lame just talking about this :D

I suppose I should explain yesterday's post. I was in a mood (you might've been able to tell...) and just started writing. Well, I started writing other things before that, which didn't turn out well at all. So then I started writing to people. Each paragraph is addressed to a different person, which you might've been able to tell. I really just wanted to get something out.

And now my headache is getting too bad so I'm just going to go to 9 o'clock. Wow.


  1. How exactly does a Sim die from a satellite falling to the ground, anyhow?

    Oh, you want me to comment on YOUR life? Well, hurray for social interactions (aka plans) but boo for headaches! And take some Advil, yo. It does wonders for headaches. :)

  2. Headaches are the bane of my existence. Children's chewable Motrin is the way to go! :P And don't worry, going to bed early is nothing to be ashamed about... I went to bed at like 9:30 on Saturday night haha. Have fun at not being a social failure at your friend's house today, hehe! :)