Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gonna run faster than before.

Today went by far, far too fast, as Sundays often do. Naturally, I didn't finish my homework. I'm not too worried, though, because science is surprisingly easy this weekend, and I only have to do half of the English study guide. Unfortunately, the other half is comprised of two mini-essays due on Thursday, but I can worry about that later...

I still have had no contact with my science lab partner. This is seriously kind of ridiculous. I figured out that the last four digits of the email she gave me is her birth date, but it still doesn't work...I've been waiting for the other people in our science group to go online, so I can ask them what it is, but so far none of them have shown up. So, fantastic.

Only one more school-week until Spring Break! I've decided to try my hand at a garden again. Last year I weeded half of the garden plot before realizing that I had no money for dirt, weedkiller, or flowers, and was kind of forced to give up. This year, however, my parents are volunteering to sponsor. My garden lives!
Of course, that's assuming I'm actually capable of keeping plants alive more than, say, a week. Or that I'm not a complete lump and actually put effort into my plants. I have been exceedingly lumpish lately, which is, you know, a bad thing.

Oh, and I finished cleaning the fish tank! Antony looks happy, but I'm not sure what the snail will eat now that there's a diminished volume of algae in the tank. Well, it should build up pretty fast. HERE'S HOPING ROBERT STAYS ALIVE, Y'ALL.

Other than that, I don't have much to add. For some reason Blogger is a poopface and won't let me comment, so that's why I'm ignoring you--not because I'm, you know, actually ignoring you. I LOVE YOU ALL, YES. And I would totally respond if the Internet wasn't a poopface. Yeah.


  1. Ooooh I have the best gardening tip for you if you decide to go through with a garden this spring break! Hope you have a fabulous sunday full of getting your science partner's email!!!

  2. Sundays always go by way too fast. :(

    Hopefully things got figured out with your science partner.

    Thank god spring break is coming or else I think I'd probably kill everyone.