Monday, April 11, 2011

Never let it be Monday again--please.

It is well known that Mondays are inherently awful days, which do not deserve the privilege of existence. I always have a headache on Monday. Without fail.
I guess this one wasn't atrociously bad, although it certainly wasn't good, either. I did just get back from playing tennis with my dad, which I haven't done in about eight months :D We're still not very good, but it was fun to play again. It's absolutely beautiful out, and it would be such a waste not to be outside, being active, today. Why I can't take that philosophy with me into the summer, when I sit around like a lump all day, I have no idea :)
Oh, and I believe I FINALLY figured out my lab partner's email. What I thought was an 'e' that looked like a 6 was actually a 'ce'. Yeah, I have no idea. I don't feel too bad, though, because she hasn't emailed me yet least now I know it's the right one...
Naturally teachers have to fit every possible thing in before spring break (four days!). Tomorrow in English we're looking through the book for quotes; on Wednesday we have ANOTHER fishbowl (in which Happy is Up's partner--grr). The day after that we have our Odyssey test, which includes two mini-essays due. The good news is, on Friday we're just playing a game, so that's something to look forward to.
So is art class. I really, really despise lab. Really. I don't think I can quite express how much I loathe lab. I mean, really. When I need to yell at Best for ignoring me in the hall, and also tell him that Happy thinks he's hot, I don't want to have to wait a day. I want to bother him incessantly NOW.
Gym was awful, as usual. I was all but ecstatic on Friday, thinking we were finally done with handball. APPARENTLY NOT. The good news is Gym Teacher told the Gym Buddies and I to sit out the second game. He acted like it was big punishment, too. As if we actually wanted to play. My gym teacher is an idiot...
Also, while talking with my dad on the way back from tennis, I realized the exact moment I became so anti-establishment--rebellious, nonconformist, rejecting the social norm--whatever you want to call it. I distinctly remember during one recess in fifth grade, the popular girls organized a game of tag, except they skewed all the rules so it was only fun for them. It was impossibly easy for them to tag everyone and impossibly difficult for anyone to become untagged, and if one was tagged three times, they were thrown out of the game. By the time I was completely out, I was practically livid. So, naturally, I staged a protest--I called the shunned and spurned students downtrodden by their grossly tyrannical games, and 'organized' my own game of tag--a proper game of tag, without extraneous rules catered to any particular player: a true game of tag. The oppressed students flocked to my game, because, ultimately, it wasn't my game: it was simply a game, our game.
I also remember, once recess was over, one of the popular girls calling me a "ruiner" over and over again...baha XD

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  1. RUINER!

    Jay-play, I was never a popular girl. Obviously. Haha.

    Sorry your day was not good but YAY TENNIS! Now you will find a tennis lover. You watch. It's gonna happen. :D