Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Up and down.

So I sent my lab partner an email yesterday, and she still hasn't responded...except it's actually the right email this time, so there's really no excuse. Sigh. By this point I just want to be done with it and maybe never work with her ever again, but I know I will if we're allowed to have partners again, just because turning the lab in nearly a week late is still better than doing it all myself.

My horoscope said today would be an exciting day, and that was totally not the case. It wasn't a horrendous day or anything, it just wasn't very good and I was kind of bummed by the time I got on the bus. Science was boring. I was excited for art until I realized neither Leo nor Forever were there, and no one else felt like talking, so I actually had to do artwork. I would really hate art if every day were like that.

In world civ. we changed suits and while I didn't particularly love my seat before, it's still better than where I am now. At least there I could lean against the wall when I was so dead bored in that class I could fall asleep, and I was relatively far back so no one ever noticed me, ever. Now I'm one row over and in the very front, and surrounded by people I do not and will not ever have anything to do with. I would make a helpful chart here, but my civ. class is much larger than my English class and I don't know everyone in it, let alone where they sit.

Tomorrow is the fishbowl in English! I kind of feel better prepared and more confident about this one, partially because Happy is leading it this time and I'm in her group. I'll definitely feel more comfortable talking with Happy than, say, Up. Because he's leading the other group and is HAPPY'S PARTNER FJKLCNJECBNUDDSUD. Ugh, I need to finish the quote worksheet for that...TONIGHT.

I feel like I should have more to say, but I don't. Ta-ta!


  1. Today has just been such a blah kind of day. Blah. At least it's almost Wednesday which means it's almost Thursday which means it's almost Friday which means it's almost the weekend! Ah.

    Seriously though, if I were you that lab partner business would have made me super pissed by now... I don't think I'd ever want to work with that person ever again, haha. :P

  2. are you really going to tell him that i think he is hot? if you do i guess that's okay because the next time i see him is on thursday and he may have forgotten tough i highly doubt that...