Saturday, April 2, 2011

And that was that!

I am a terrible person who plays terrible April Fool's jokes :) I'm terrible because someone believed me (and thank you, person, for your very nice and supportive comment, which makes me happy even though I'm not actually going anywhere--I hope you blog again soon so I can respond). Also, I asked my dad to post the whole APRIL FOOL'S thing BEFORE twelve so it would show up as on the same day as the whole I'm-leaving-forever thing, but I guess he got to it late, so now there's a random post about a joke no one can see right beneath it ^.^ But that's okay. I'M NOT LEAVING! Yay for you.
The truth is, I'm too much of a sucker for memory lane to ever let go of this blog. I'm terrified of forgetting, so I have to record everything, and honestly it's easier to type than to write everything in a diary. Also, I lurv you guys ^.^ So nay indeed; I remain. Also, if I were really going on a renewal quest or something, I wouldn't get rid of my baby--I would record the journey on it!
Marco still wonders at the puffiness of my coat, though.
Also, I officially have an 85 in world civ. :D Yay!


  1. OH CRAP


    But I didn't want to be mean and be all like psh yeah right and then have you ACTUALLY leave

    I am so freaking gullibleeeeee

    I should have known not to trust ANYTHING on April Fool's Day... but that was so convincing!


    But well played ;)

  2. So I missed out on this entire prank, but congrats on fooling Natalie!

    And I'm glad you're not leaving us.

    Word verification: hyper.