Friday, April 8, 2011

You always have been, and always will be.

Today could actually be classified as a good day, all things considered. For one thing, it is Friday fun fun fun, which automatically makes any day better. Well, it was a good day besides the part where I was completely mortified. You know, other than that.

In gym we once more played handball with just girls, and after like ten minutes of wandering around the court in the vague direction of the ball, Mr. Shithead told me to go sit down. He actually kicked me out of the game. So I had to walk across like half of an empty court in front of a giant row of guys. And sit down. And stay there the rest of the game. And stay there the next game. It's not like I wanted to play, but Christ, that was humiliating. Later he came up to where I was sitting and basically told me that the reason he threw me out was because I got in the way of the people playing. I feel like I should sue for the deep emotional scarring from this ordeal.

The day picked up from there, though, especially in English :) This is basically the seating arrangement of my English class:
Well, I WOULD show you a clever, helpful diagram of the seating arrangement of my English class, but the computer decided to get a virus and now I can't open Paint. So, no diagram for you. Basically, though, I switched seats with Lolo. Just for giggled, you know? It took a minute for the people around me to realize it, but whatever. Of course I realized too late that we were working in a group with the people around us (as we do whenever we work in a group) and the people around me were: Up (!), Basil, and Friar.
The good news is, it was actually pretty fun, and it's not like Up just completely ignored me or anything. He actually kind of talked to me. You know, about the project. Haha, they tried to make me draw the poster, and it sucked [ass] and then it just became a communal effort, and it was still awful. Haha. I probably won't sit there again on Monday, but maybe again in the future...? We'll see. Heh.

In world civ. we had a sub so everyone just did what they wanted, except for me, who, since I have no friends in world civ., actually did the work. I'm such a loser :)

Art was fun! Even though Shari wasn't there, boo. There was also a sub here, but we were actually kind of afraid of her, so for the first half of the art class it was pretty quiet and I actually got art done. Unheard of. But then Forever came back from wherever he spent like twenty minutes of the class, and naturally trouble ensued. Because Forever is just a jerk like that. He kicked me one time as he passed, so I punched him (in the ribs, heh) and then he came after me so I hid behind Best and Best stopped him, haha. Much merriment was had by all.
Oh, and since after art we walk exactly the same route to our science classes (since his class is right next to mine), he happened to be beside me and completely pushed me into like a crowd of guys from my science class. So I pushed him into the lockers. Again, merriment.

In science I find that I somehow morph into a high-pitched little girl, so when I talk about things like politics and communism I sound like an idiot. Oh well. At least I know that communism is an idiotic ideal pursued by people who don't know how the world works, and that all Congress is is a bunch of old men trying to prove whose dick is bigger. Also, that there are more than just Chinese, American, and English/French systems of governments, and even if there weren't, it is possible for a new one to be created. But I sound like a little girl when I say these things, so the point is kind of lost :/

On the bus I ate the world'd bitterest apple sauce, and actually succeeded in getting someone to not blatantly insult me. Yay for shutting people up!

OH, and I got a new phone! It's the Pantech Ease, which I don't feel like looking up a picture for, but it's actually pretty cool. Of course, I wouldn't have had to get this phone if someone didn't STEAL my last one.

Now, unfortunately, I have to get off the computer because it has a freaking virus, which may or may not require us to get a new computer and risk all of my precious, precious stories. I can't really put them on a flash drive, because then I could get the virus on the flash drive, and it would really just be a bad day. I swear to Christ, if anything happens to my stories, I'm going to violently and mercilessly destroy something precious to a small a puppy...

That's all, folks. BEDA, ho!


  1. What the heck. I want to give that gym teacher a piece of my mind. He sounds like a total asshat. D:< Whatever. No one likes stupid gym class ANYWAY. HMPH.

    Haha, that's how physics was yesterday. The teacher wasn't there so everyone else just goofed off, but I actually did the work... Nerd and proud of it! And hey, as long as your high-pitched little girl voice is saying things are intelligent and that make sense, I'd say it's all good, hehe. :)

    I hope your computer doesn't explode or something!

  2. Your physics teacher is one mean person!! That happened to me in P.E. a couple years back so I know the agony of walking around the court. Ugh! :(

    Hope your computer doesn't die of viruses and that you have a great weekend!