Friday, April 15, 2011

Gonna say hello!

It's officially Spring Break! Let the joyful leaping, squealing, sleeping, and event-planning commence.

Today was a weird day because of Culture Day, which I think was just an excuse for nobody to do anything the Friday Friday gonna get down on Friday before break. Periods 1, 2, 7, and 8 were an hour, which actually wasn't that bad. In math we literally just sat there most of the time, after updating all the calculators (which only took about fifteen minutes). In Latin we changed seats (my new seat sucks) and then watched a movie. It was pretty dull. The next four periods were only 25 minutes, of course, and in gym we went to the gym where Culture Day was being held and we sat on the bleachers (because Culture Day is boring).

In English, I brought Shari along and the entire class (and several additions, who might've been on the tennis or track team) played a game somewhat similar to Taboo. Haha, 'twas fun :) My team won! After that I went to world civ. and once more went to the gym for Culture Day, and successfully attached myself to the only girl in the class who I'm friendly with (even though I don't like her) so I wouldn't be a complete longer. Yeah. Oh, and on the way there, we walked THE ENTIRE WAY right next to Up, but I could not think of a single thing to say. Blah.

After that was art for an hour, which I actually was really looking forward to. BAH. Both Shari and Leo had to leave in the first ten minutes of class, Best was already on vacation, and Forever just wasn't there. Actually, most of the class just wasn't there. So I had conversation with Friend, Steve, and Eric. Eric is this quiet kid who has now recently become more talkative, and is now one of the best friends. He bought us all Gatorade! That is clearly a good foundation for any friendship. Oh, and I've found I like Gatorade. Like, a lot.

Oh, and about halfway through class, I was [once again] complaining loudly that I wished Forever was there, and then everyone kind of looks behind me, and WADDYA KNOW. He literally just walked in right before I said that. And HEARD me. Neh. And then the others at the table insisted that I liked him, though in not so many words--and that is clearly not true--and we went back to the gym at some point and that was art class. Hurray.

Instead of going to science in eighth period, we all went to the auditorium for the Culture Day assembly. Parts of it were boring, but some parts of it were really awesome, mainly the performances by the African American Culture Club (read: girls in tight clothes dancing to hip-hop music. It was still good dancing, though), the Breakdancing Club (Jesus this was awesome), and the Indian Culture Club. Seriously, though, the breakdancing was awesome. Ejrgcnkuvfbgnm awesome. And there were a lot of Asians in it...

And that was my day. Spring break! Excitement! Of the endless variety!
Number of times I used parentheses in this blog: 7.

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  1. culture day wasn't boring. it was delicious. by delicious, I mean they fed us.