Thursday, April 28, 2011

No shelter here.

Greetings all! I promise this entry will not be nearly as long as last time :)

Today was a slow day, and I felt like I was in a bad mood for most of it. First thing in the morning I failed a math quiz which everyone agreed was the most evil concoction ever devised by our math teacher, and then I spent Latin moping and just generally being miserable. I momentarily forget my woes on the way to lunch with Shari, only to find that the library, our usual habitation, has been closed due to a blood drive. I have no idea where Shari is--later I found out that she had to stay late to make up a different math quiz--so I wander off in search of a place to sit. For about fifteen minutes, I wander hopelessly, even going so far as to consider joining my world civ. teacher's third-period class, until I eventually find myself in the DiBart gym. There I spend the period with Kim and Leo, so it's not so bad.

The next interesting thing is in world civ., where we took notes on Gandhi. That alone was interesting, but it helped that World Civ. Teacher brought in her nine-year-old son, who was honestly just adorable :) It's strange when world civ. is one of my better classes, but I'll take it.

I actually worked the entire period in art, but still didn't get anywhere near finished :( I think it's turning out pretty well! If I remember I may post a picture, just so I get some recognition other than Art Teacher's faux-approval gaze. I still have the hair and half the face on this little bugger to finish, and it's due tomorrow =.=

In science, for some reason, I became completely broken down. Every voice in the room started swimming around me and I couldn't focus on the work in front of me, what was on the board--nothing. I honestly felt like crying. Actually, most of the day I feel like throwing my desk over and storming out of the room in a dramatic, tearful huff, but for some reason in science today I just wanted to curl into a ball and sob. There was too much noise in the room.

And that was my day! See, I said it would take as long :) Haha, early tonight, my dad insisted that 500 years from now I would be studied in poli-sci classes, and that I'd make a good philosopher. The problem is I can never get my thoughts onto paper, though I can take about them as long as the sky is wide. I just thought I'd share that, because it made me happy :D

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  1. That's funny that your teacher brought in her son and sorry about the math test! They can be really tricky sometimes! Looks like you might need a day of rest if you felt that way in science though because that does not sound like a good sign.

    Get some rest soon dear!