Friday, April 1, 2011


What magical things have happened between today and Tuesday, when last I blogged? Obviously my week was filled with mystifying and miraculous happenings, of which science has no real explanation.

I was going to write an April Fool's post, but couldn't think of anything. Although I do have an announcement to make a little later tonight...I figure I might as well get through the last three days, first.

Actually, I don't remember much that happened on Wednesday and Thursday. When do I ever? Same old: I failed at gym, panicked about schoolwork, and didn't get anything done in art. Thursday I wrote the in-class English essay, which was just evil, and had a basketball test which I failed miserably (because gym teachers are idiots who lie when they say all the answers will be on the packet they give us). There isn't much to be said there.

Today was better, I think. I've decided that the nice guy on my basketball team might actually be the nicest guy ever. I'm going to name him Cease, and I'll tell you why: he has the same name as Forever, except they're like complete opposites, especially since Forever is a jerk and Cease is totally not. Likewise, the opposite of to go on forever is to cease. So, hey! Nickname. I'm brilliant.
He actually seemed completely not bothered by my gym failure, and even amused by it. BUT TODAY HEY. As I was walking out of the locker room with Gym Buddies, he happened to be passing by, and he actually said hi! To me! And then I was so surprised that I kind of responded with a half-smile, half-demented-gargle (or something) that vaguely resembled 'hey', and then that was it. But, you know, contact.
Then, in gym, we played knockout, where he once more proved his supreme and utter niceness. For those of you who don't know, in knockout, if the person behind you gets the basketball in the net before you, then you're out. He ended up behind me a couple times and I swear, actually aimed away from the net so I had time to get it in. And let me shoot first. Gah. And then when I actually got out (though not because of him) he said, with a smile, "It's all good." (or something along those lines) and I was like YOU ARE THE NICEST PERSON EVER. But not out loud. You know.

In English we had fishbowl, which wasn't that bad. I did talk, though not very much, and I talked in the beginning as opposed to the very last minute, so it seemed like I said more than I did. Yeah. I don't think what I said was very good, but I guess that's for English Teacher to decide.
In world civ. we had a quiz on the genocide projects we all just finished presenting, with a question on the back: why does this still happen? I don't really like my answer; I said something about how humans are naturally barbaric and so far that hasn't changed. I think it's true, I just don't like how it's worded...
In art, as always, I got barely any work done and spent most of my time with Shari, Best, and Forever. Yay.
Science wasn't particularly memorable, but I did get 104% on my last science test. So I SUPPOSE that's something to be proud of :)
I have an exorbitant amount of homework this weekend, which makes it seem like an extended Monday more than an actual weekend. Plus, I don't have any plans. So now I guess I'll start on my announcement...

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  1. I could write a better comment but 10:38 p.m. Lizzie is determined to just write:

    You're hilarious. :)

    I'm looking forward to this announcement? Or should I not be?