Friday, April 22, 2011

The sun in retreat made the skyline look like crooked teeth.

Well! I didn't really do anything today, because Silver was sick. I didn't even mow the lawn, because it decided to be bitterly cold after two days of beautiful, sunshiny weather. We went out grocery shopping really early in the morning, so we got back before 9 o'clock, and then I bummed around the house for a couple hours. At some point a plumber came over and I went over to Vera's and played Wii. I beat them all at Mariokart, haha :)

For some reason I've gotten up before 7 o'clock EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. I've been programmed. This is a curse. Unfortunately, it's already Friday, which means in two days I'll be back at school :( The good fantastic news is that there's only two months left of school! That is really just unbelievable. My freshman year is almost over, haha :D I feel kind of fluttery about the whole thing, if that makes any sense. It's been a strange year.

Oh, and I actually did write today! Four whole pages! Haha, I know this sounds pathetic, but I haven't really written a lot in almost two weeks, so this is an achievement. I vaguely like where this story is going, though it's not phenomonal or anything. So far, these four people--Ivan, Silik, Tel, and the only girl, Anya--have dropped off a princess in the hands of some mysterious people, and got paid for it. So I guess that's what they do. Naturally I couldn't be realistic and make them all guys, because let's face it, writing from a guy's perspective sucks. Almost every person (well, two people) has agreed that my guy-perspective just sounds gay, which is not exactly where I was going for the character.

Also, you may have noticed that I switched my blog around a bit. I did this for somewhat silly reasons: I noticed that almost every blog has their entries on the left side, so I wondered if there was some kind of wonderful appeal to entries on the left side that I was missing out on. Yes, I'm such a conformist :)

On a final note, I sincerely wish I had just a tiny bit of money on iTunes. Okay, that's a lie: I wish I had a lot of money on iTunes. I can't stop listening to Death Cab for Cutie, and it's pretty bummy that I can't just buy the songs, you know? Also, I never got the last Muse album, which I still want desperately. Mer. I wish I had money =.=


  1. I've been getting up way too early for spring break, too, unfortunately. Well, like 8:00, but still... But yay for school FINALLY nearing it's end! Though, really, this year did fly by pretty quickly. I know I say that every year though (and I say that too.... and I also say that.)

    Anyways, I knew there was something different about the layout but couldn't put my finger on it til you mentioned it! And now that I think about it, I feel like the left side just makes sense since that's how you read books and everything, y'know? Oh, and if I had iTunes money to share, just know I totally would share it with you.

  2. I woke up kinda early today and I was kinda okay with that. Kinda, kinda, kinda.

    Whoo-hoo for writing! I commend you. :)

    I have two possible solutions to your iTunes predicament: I send you a burned CD with lots of DCFC or you download 'em. Legally, of course.

  3. muahah! i have ruined your plans! death cab for cutie is awesome. i, too, have no money. at all. i really want the first weezer album.

  4. I wish I had money too.

    I've been getting up way later than when I want to get up and when I SHOULD get up. Haha, bad I know.

    Awesome for writing! :) I like how the story sounds. It sounds cool! Can't wait to hear more!

    I really like how your blog looks. it looks awesome, strawberry! or should i say AMAXING! ;)

    Bledried. I dunno, sorta sounds like a person bled but it dried up fast. maybe?

  5. oh, and DCFC is amaxing :) but of course, you already know that.

    pinsonsi. Sounds like something you would say if something looked good or sounded good. haha