Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gonna run.

Friends! Countrymen! Lend me your ears eyes.

[The Night Stars Here--Stars]
[Citizen Erased--Muse]

Today was not, I admit, a particularly good day. I swear I spent an eternity in Latin, while my brain rotted out through my ears. I really dislike Latin class. Really.
Also, my English essay depressed me. Haha, I actually forgot to print it out and stuff, but Happy reminded me on the bus [unintentionally] so I called my mom and asked her to email it to me, and yeah, that all worked out. I also partnered with Lolo today for peer editing, since English Teacher told us to work with people we haven't worked with before.
In gym, which was actually before English, so I'm not sure why I mentioned English first--anyway, in gym, we once more played the stupidest game ever conceived by man (i.e. handball). I believe I described it yesterday. Today, Gym Teacher actually yelled at the Gym Buddies and I for just standing there and not participating. And I'm like...what do you want us to do? Fumble around with a ball when no one else wants us to participate because we just fail that hard? Run after the ball, following the crowd, even though there's no chance we'll ever get it? Gym teachers are not bright.
Of course, after class, I was loudly complaining about my gym teacher to Silver, before realizing that he was about three feet in front of me...luckily he's an old guy so it's not like he heard me anyway. But now I feel like he really, really hates me because I don't care at all about his stupid game.
We watched Swing Kids in world civ., and I'm not sure if we're supposed to assume the guy died in the end...it was a really terrible ending...
And that was pretty much my day. Ta-ta, and the like.


  1. y tu brute? haha julius caesar nice.

  2. So what do you do in Latin?

    Oh and I hate when you're talking about a teacher and they're right behind you!

    So I guess I don't have to watch Swing Kids now either :p

  3. Handball does sound pretty dumb. However, we are currently bowling in my gym class, aka standing there and pretending to through bouncy bowling balls around... haha. I hate participating in P.E. Luckily my teacher is clueless and doesn't notice when I suspiciously "go to the bathroom" for half an hour... Gym teachers really are annoying though. They really expect us to care about a gym class when we have 593284375 other things to do? Honestly...

  4. Oh, the perils of gym class.

    Dude, if you hate gym class, I DESPISE it. If gym class ruins your day it ruins my WEEK. If gym class licks your hand, it BITES MY HEAD.

    Erm...not sure what the last one really means...

    Handball? In gym class? That's stupid!

    And that would always happen to me during sixth grade kickball. I'd just be standing there, talking, and in thirty seconds the gym teacher would be all up in my face, telling me I'm not participating.


    But anyway. Hi!