Friday, April 29, 2011

We're falling, we are losing control.

FRIDAY. Woo. Today I did not, in fact, have a small breakdown in science. I was feeling pretty bummy, but then at the end of class this girl I used to sit with came over and asked about the art project I was carrying. Obviously, since I am a huge attention whore, this made me happy.

Speaking of the art project, the due date has been moved to Monday. Unforunately, I ran out of the paint I brought from school, so now I have to use my own inferior paint ^.^ Haha, I have the hair and a bit of touching up left to do and then I am DONE. But I also have a science lab due on Monday, so I guess I'm busy this weekend. I still hope to fit some last-minute plans in there, but it's not, you know, necessary.

Today the library was closed again, but I actually found Shari and we went to lurk in an abandoned art room. There were drawings of funky shoes on the wall and it was really quiet, but I did get a majority of my science homework done. In gym we had the 400-meter dash, which sucked. HOWEVER I actually had gym shorts and it was a nice, cool, breezy day, so it wasn't horrendously evil or anything. You know, not horrendously.

Oh, and English Teacher is the SECOND teacher to joke that I seem like I'm secretly plotting to kill people =.= The first would be my old health teacher. And one time some guy said I seemed like the type to start shooting people in the middle of class. I guess I give that impression. Woo.

In world civ. we talked about Gandhi (again) and I found that I actually disagree with some of his ideas. Not that I'll ever say that to the rabid students of my civ. class...

And that was my day! Hey. Oh, and I actually set my alarm for three in the morning (you know, for the royal wedding :)) but I got up and just thought, "I can not do this." So I went back to bed and got up at a sane hour. BEDA, ho! Almost over! It would be messed up if I didn't blog tomorrow, haha.


  1. FRIDAY. Well, now it's Saturday. Yay! Good luck finishing your art project. You should take a picture!

    Oh my, secretly plotting to kill people? I guess I better watch out for you in a dark alleyway! *slowly backs away* ;)

    And haha, there's no way I was waking up for the Royal Wedding... no way.

  2. I'm with Natalie -- give us a picture of your art, or give me death! Okay, that was not quite as profound as Patrick Henry's dichotomy.

    What? Royal Wedding? (I didn't bother. Saw pictures, though. I think that should count.)

    Yes, it would be very messed up if you didn't blog, BEDA buddy. I just finished posting mine.

    Word verification: funted. You just had funt?

  3. Yay for breezy weather during gym :)

    Your art project sounds awesome, by the way.

    Ya know, you don't seem like the type of person who secretly plots to kill people. I just don't get that vibe.

    Belesest. Sounds like glorious, I guess. Like 'oh what a belesest day!' haha