Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Good Day

I did a good thing today. Not a good thing in like a cosmic, humanitarian sense, but a thing that makes me happy. That I needed to do. Some things, once you realize that they're true, you have to say out loud. I did say it out loud (albeit very quietly) and now I'm happy, happy, happy.

As for the more mundane things I did today, I went to the park! Maya is a good park buddy. Tegan doesn't really like the park, but whatever, it was fun. There's a little hollow in the ground where, if you approach quietly, you can see a little frog, but it wasn't there today. The blue heron that makes the park its home was there, though! Blue herons fly so beautifully, especially rising from the water. It's not really elegant or anything, but it arrests your attention. I can't explain it.

Tegan's family picked us up and they were nice enough to bring me out to dinner with them. We went to some fancy Italian place, the name of which I forget, and it was really just fantastic. I ate every bite, including dessert (rasberry cheesecake--oh sweet lord, so good), and the atmosphere was nice too. Someone was playing music, and he did a lot of Beatles covers that sounded remarkably like the originals. I kept smiling, thinking about that good thing I did, and Tegan rolled her eyes every time, since she knows what it is. After dinner, we compared cursive with the fancy silver sharpie the hostess gave us to mark our leftovers.

I'm thinking about replying on here instead of on your blogs. I don't know, though. It kind of feels like the conversation is more connected, the old way. I guess that's silly. What do you guys think?

This entry somehow took me an hour to write. I write so slowly! Well, till next time, friends!


  1. I know what you mean. Some of the things Stephen (ha ha, you know tennis lover's name now!) has said to me makes me really, really, happy. Shame we're going our separate ways soon.

    I went out to dinner tonight too! (It's the BEDA buddy thing.) And there was a local band! I wish they were playing Beatles covers, but it was mostly Motown/soul.

    Reply wherever! But I know what you mean. Replying directly is sometimes better.

  2. It's always a good day when something happens that makes you smile all throughout the day! :)

    Dinner sounds both extremely delicious, and fun!

    Reply any way you fancy, but I do agree that replying directly is sometimes better - do we get alerted for the reply comments?