Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who waaaants to thiiiink of a tiiiitle?

Today was a pretty good day, though once again I neglected to do any summer reading. Eventually I'm just going to have to buckle down and get that down, especially since we have around two weeks left of summer. Two weeks! I can't even believe that; it just seems so abnormal. It's weird to think that one day I won't have school anymore, or even that I won't be on a schedule of six hours a day, five days a week. Well, I still have two more years to deal with this (unlike all you college-bound people--jealous!).

I basically had the dinner of champions tonight. Popcorn, taquitos, and pizza pockets, while we sat on the couch and watched The Hunger Games. That just ended, actually, and I'm reminded how much I liked it. It's very true to the book, which is always a good thing in a movie adaption. Unless the book's awful, I don't know.

I decided what I want to be for Halloween! A dryad! Isn't that an awesome costume? I figure I'll get a flowy green dress and sew a bunch of fake leaves to it, and stuff like that. The best part is I also got Shari and Maia to dress as different kinds of nymphs, so Halloween is basically gonna be kickass. I guess I'm thinking pretty far ahead, but seriously, a dryad. We're gonna try to get Kim on board, too!

Speaking of Kim, she might not be able to come to my birthday party! That's a major bummer. Other people may not be able to sleep over, which is really more of a minor inconvenience. They can still come during the day, after all! I really gotta start cleaning, especially my room, which at this point is a disaster area. I tried to assemble a chair, but it was missing some parts, and now there are a couple chunks of chair kind of strewn about my floor.

I guess that's about it. Tomorrow I am definitely going to get some summer reading done! And see Maia! Till next time, friends :)

By the way, sing the title to the tune of the chorus in Who Wants to Live Forever?.


  1. I am so looking forward to not having school from 8 AM to 3 PM five days a week. Your day will come too, young one! Haha.

  2. "Dinner of champions." I like it.

    You managed to remind me (twice) that I should be reading myself and the guilt is overwhelming! :P

    In other news, I will have a pretty standard 8-3 schedule...three days of the week! haha.

  3. Two weeks is better than four days! I loved watching The Hunger Games. It was beautifully done. Lovely blog. :)