Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Revised Schedule

I received my new schedule in the mail today! It's much improved; I have study hall, phsyics, and English AP. Unfortunately, I still have U.S. History 2A, instead of AP. There isn't an AP class in the slot I currently have it in, so I'm hoping I can switch it with gym. I don't know if there's a gym class every period like there was the previous years, but I can hope! I have to wait until school starts to talk to my counselor, since they're no longer accepting schedule revisions, which sucks, because that means I have to sit through at least a day of USH A.
Hopefully it'll all work out, right?
I have been eagerly awaiting my date with Zack all day! I'm already all dressed and am now super duper bored. Hours never go this slowly when I'm doing something fun. I read a little bit of summer reading, and should continue to do so, but I can't bring myself to subject myself to more boredom. Ah well; I'll get it done eventually.
I'll tell you all about my date tomorrow! Till next time, friends!


  1. I'll say it again: HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE. :D

  2. I'm glad your schedule is at least sort of worked out! And have fun on your date. :)